Oracle-Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version

oracle sun Oracle Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version

The European Commission has started to listen to Oracle argument for its planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems. All eyes will be on Sun’s MySQL business unit as the talk held last month ended up in an impasse as the EC is concerned that the acquisition will seriously reduce competition in the hot databases market. Oracle will be helped by customers such as Vodafone, The UK National Health Service, BBV etc. Against this merger, you can find Microsoft and SAP.

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Software visualization for better testing

sourcecode Software visualization for better testing

Last night I was watching James Whittaker’s last year keynote he gave during GTAC 2008. James is highly respected in the software test community (he has just moved from Microsoft to Google)and I was interested to understand how he was seeing testing in the future. One important direction was around software visualization and how it could help testing teams do a better job and focus on the most important pieces of functionality or code. He made the parallel with Quality Assurance in the car industry where QA can actually visualize the products, understand the change it was made during each iteration of the design. It’s much more difficult with Software where all testers can see is pretty much a black box.

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