Software quality metrics and model

softwarequalitymetrics Software quality metrics and modelIf you follow this blog, you know that I‘ve been scratching my head to find relevant metrics to assess the quality of our various products under development. I’m involved in a very large program which is highly visible. These metrics are not only important to our development organization but also to executives who are investing in the program. I wanted to come up with a simple model, relevant for all important characteristics of a software and requiring low effort to compute. Having a model following international standard was of course a plus.

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Software quality metrics dashboard

metrics Software quality metrics dashboard
This article is not about the silver bullet around quality metrics you’ve been looking for ! Whether it exists or not is a vast debate. I’ve been writing about metrics in the past. Especially for important metrics to track when you’re software is out the door. I’m still scratching my head to find key relevant metrics to track during the course of a given project. I’ve been tracking a lot during the course of my career but they’ve never satisfied me fully.

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Measuring Software Quality

dollars Measuring Software QualitySoftware quality metrics must be part of the top 5 discussed subjects if you’ve been working in a Software engineering team. Discussion are usually endless as there is no silver bullet. I was reading this article today which summarizes the typical issues when deciding which metrics to track.

Should we track:

  • Number of tests?
  • Pass rate?
  • Plan versus actual?
  • Run to plan?
  • Pass to plan?
  • Number of defects?
  • Code coverage?
  • Functional coverage?
  • Performance figures?

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