High performance at massive scale – Lessons learned at Facebook

datacenter High performance at massive scale – Lessons learned at Facebook

Performance and scalability are high on the list of top requirement from the customer we deal with. The largest financial institution use our products at a global scale with access through the web. They expect low latency and of course a solution that can cope with future volume of utilization.
There are today 2 Internet giants who are facing scalability challenges every single day: Google and Facebook. I’ve had a chance to touched on some of these challenges talking to some of the Google engineers last week during GTAC 2009. Google is approaching the crazy number of one million servers so you can bet they have to be creative to handle their data. And deal with the carbon tax.

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Cloud computing services are hot in 2009 !

cloud Cloud computing services are hot in 2009 !It looks like cloud computing is going to be very hot in 2009. After Amazon, Microsoft and Google, IBM is planning to make its push in the cloud computing space. This is definitely a good news for everyone looking to use these type of service. As mentioned in one of my previous post, this is something I’m looking into in 2009 to add flexibility to my organization’s test infrastructure. This healthy competition is definitely going to bring better service and drive cost down !

Excerpt from the Reuters article

BOSTON, April 23 (Reuters) – International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N) plans to launch cloud computing services this year, taking on companies such as Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and Google Inc (GOOG.O).

Company spokeswoman Kelly Sims said on Thursday the first of these new services will enable developers to write software that works with the emerging new technology.

Cloud computing systems run software and store information in remote, large-scale data centers that users and programmers access over the Internet.

In addition to the service for developers, the company also plans to introduce clouds that allow businesses to run business applications and virtualize personal computer networks, Sims said.

 Cloud computing services are hot in 2009 !

Testing in the cloud – Amazon EC2

amazon Testing in the cloud   Amazon EC2As all my testing teams are geographically distributed, I am obviously always trying to maximize the effectiveness of our test hardware infrastructure while looking very closely at costs (especially in this tough economic environment). I’m particularly trying to reach optimum flexibility and scalability for our environment. All the products I’m responsible for are developed and tested at different pace. They also might be at different maturity level requiring different test focus (I’m particularly thinking about performance and benchmarks). Continue reading