Email Management: PIFEM is a clear winner !

PIFEM title Email Management: PIFEM is a clear winner !

Almost a year ago (wow, times really fly !) I’ve shared with you an email management system I was starting to use. During this year, I’ve shared this system with as many people as possible as I think it is really excellent. I don’t see myself today not using it as it did help me being 10 times more efficient when dealing with the pile of email I receive everyday. Some close colleague were as excited as I was and made a few improvement. In this quick post, I wanted to show you how I was configured and hopefully it will encourage you to start using it !

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Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM)

outlook Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM)I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had trouble managing properly the huge amount of email I receive everyday. I’ve tried creating dedicated folders with email to be processed, tried the flag functionality of outlook, colors, priority settings etc. I’ve always managed to be reasonably organized but there was always a part of me which was afraid to miss important email to process. Then I’ve ran across an article from Ian Palangio‘s who runs a blog on productivity. He describes his own system to manage email called PIFEM which make excellent use of favorite folders in Outlook 2007 to manage in a very efficient way emails. With this system, I have a clear view of what email I need to process in my incoming stack, today, tomorrow, next week etc. I’ve been using this system for the past 2 months and I’ve became way more productive with my emails and it really brought me confidence and clarity.

You can find clear direction about PIFEM here.

 Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM)