Is Google Page Speed Service a threat to the Internet neutrality?

google dont be evil Is Google Page Speed Service a threat to the Internet neutrality?

I probably read too much behind Google’s latest annoucement about its Page Speed Service but still, I have to ask myself some questions. As I said yesterday, I do think Google Page Speed Service is a threat to all the consultants out there who are doing Web Performance Optimization. They mostly target SMBs and they’re going to struggle to compete with Google. It is also definitely a threat to the smaller web acceleration players such as Yotta, Torbit, CloudFlare or Blaze. Same goes for Aptimize who has just been acquired by Riverbed.

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Google Page Speed Service – The death of the Web Performance Optimization consultant?

wpo Google Page Speed Service   The death of the Web Performance Optimization consultant?

Over the past few years, Web Performance Optimization, also known as WPO has flourished. In fact, ever since Google announced that the initial page load will be taken into consideration in Google ranking, it’s been a bit crazy. We’ve seen lots of consulting company jumping on the band-wagon to offer optimization services. A lot of them offer customer to audit their website for optimization ie. Image optimization and compression, Javascript performance (asynchronous and cached), CSS optimization, lazy loading, redirection and DOM optimization, etc. Most of the consulting companies use the same kind of tools broadly available as open-source: 

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GTAC 2011 goes in the Cloud!

google11 GTAC 2011 goes in the Cloud!

I’ve read a fantastic news this morning! GTAC is going in the Cloud! Finally! James Whittaker announced it a bit earlier this week on the Google Testing Blog: GTAC 2011: Cloudy with a chance of tests (good title btw). I was a bit ahead when I gave my predictions last year for GTAC 2010. I was all for the Real-Time web with some topics around the Cloud. This is what I was writting at the time:

So testing for the real-time web is my bet for GTAC 2010. I can easily see a few additional interesting topics to cover especially around cloud computing which is really hot as well. It would be good to get presentation from people doing testing from the cloud, what are the implications, benefits, challenges etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Lounibos on the stage to share with us the good stuff he’s doing with Soasta ! I had the opportunity to see a demo of their platform and it is really impressive !

Well, I guess this is for 2011 then! It’s in Mountain View the week of October 25th. I can’t think of a better place for GTAC!

I can’t wait!

Innovation at Google

googleinnovation Innovation at Google

I’ve just finished watching Patrick Colepand QCon Keynote about innovation and thought I would share it with everyone interested by innovation. In 40 minutes you will learn about the first three principles of the eXtreme innovation approach based on the Pretotyping Manifesto: Innovators Beat Ideas, Pretotypes Beat Productypes, and Data Beats Opinion. Excellent keynote with some great and practical ideas! As always Patrick delivers!

The keynote video and slides can be found here.

AND this post gives me the opportunity to show you my last low-tech gadget: The Boogie Board. Can’t surf with it but it can grab some thoughts I might have during the day icon smile Innovation at Google Nah, it’s not an iPad. Heck, I can’t even connect this thing to my Mac! And this is why it is so special icon smile Innovation at Google And my kids can borrow it … Sometime.

idea Innovation at Google

My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real-Time Web !

google My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !
This is still not an official information but the location and date for GTAC 2010 has leaked (and boy don’t we love leaks in Software Testing … Ok, that was easy …). The location had actually already leaked at the end of GTAC 2009 and I was sharing it with you during my GTAC 2009 field report. The confirmation has been given by Patrick Copeland himself as part of the GTAC group distribution list. The location will be Hyderabad, India and it looks like it will be held the week of October 25th ! With the large community of testers in India, I can’t think of a better place to hold this event !

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Google launches an open source programming language

google Google launches an open source programming language

“Oh, and by the way we’re launching our own programming language …” This is the latest news coming from Google today after a tornado of announcement last week: Acquisition of Admob and Gizmo5, new personal dashboards, free WiFi in US airport during holidays (Hey, Yahoo gives free Wifi too !), lower price of online storage etc. It looks like Go comes from an 20% time project R&D project and is becoming today a project opened to a broad community with formal support from Google. Here are its major attributes:

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GTAC 2009 field report

gtac2009 GTAC 2009 field report

GTAC 2009 is over. Hail to GTAC 2010 (I’m hearing Hyderabad, India … hint hint !). Let me tell you that GTAC 2009 was quite a ride for me (and for most participant I would say) and one of the best conference I’ve ever attended. Ok the best one. There, I’ve said it. The talk themselves were of high quality with excellent content and great presenters but everything else was on par, from the great discussions I’ve had with attendees, the lightning talks, the roundtable during lunch and the fantastic overall organization from the GTAC organizational comitee. So, Kudos to Google !

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GTAC 2009 – Call for attendance

google1 GTAC 2009   Call for attendance
If you’re into test automation, you should know that the Google Automation Test Conference is held in Zürich this year. They formally opened the call for attendance today. You can submit a form to have a chance to be a GTAC 2009 attendee here. I sure hope I’ll be one of the lucky one ! I’m particularly interested by their roundtable discussion and I’ve made a few suggestion on topics I’m interested in. Topics around testing in the cloud, agile testing and building large testing organization in a downturn economy. Roundtable discussion are always a good opportunity to share knowledge, pick up a few good advices and of course meet new people ! I’ve had some very good discussion back in Kuala Lumpur during SOFTEC 09.

 GTAC 2009   Call for attendance