The Long Tail of Bugs: Should we revisit it ?

thelongtailofbugs4 The Long Tail of Bugs: Should we revisit it ?
I’m done reading the revised version of The Long Tail: Why the future of business is selling less of more by Chris Anderson. The long tail term was coined by Anderson in an article he wrote for Wired in 2004. In his book, he explains that we’ve been moving away from a hits market into a niche market. The increased popularity of the Internet has accelerated this transition. In the original article, Anderson shares 3 main observations:

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Musings on NoSQL

nosql Musings on NoSQL
Following my article on high performance at massive scale, I’ve started to get really interested in the type of distributed databases the big web players are using to handle current and future volume of data. Some of the products developed in my current organization have to cope with large amount of data (personal, financial, marketing, etc.) with an increasing need to aggregate and link this data to get the most complete picture about individuals and businesses. This is especially true in credit bureau, fraud detection, Marketing, customer management etc.

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Oracle-Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version

oracle sun Oracle Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version

The European Commission has started to listen to Oracle argument for its planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems. All eyes will be on Sun’s MySQL business unit as the talk held last month ended up in an impasse as the EC is concerned that the acquisition will seriously reduce competition in the hot databases market. Oracle will be helped by customers such as Vodafone, The UK National Health Service, BBV etc. Against this merger, you can find Microsoft and SAP.

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Google launches an open source programming language

google Google launches an open source programming language

“Oh, and by the way we’re launching our own programming language …” This is the latest news coming from Google today after a tornado of announcement last week: Acquisition of Admob and Gizmo5, new personal dashboards, free WiFi in US airport during holidays (Hey, Yahoo gives free Wifi too !), lower price of online storage etc. It looks like Go comes from an 20% time project R&D project and is becoming today a project opened to a broad community with formal support from Google. Here are its major attributes:

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Grand Central Dispatch – Future of thread programming?

multicore Grand Central Dispatch   Future of thread programming?
Interesting move last week from Apple ! They’ve made the source code of Grand Central Dispatch available under an Apache open source license. This is a new technology introduced in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard trying to help developers deal with growing multi-core requirement. In a nutshell, GCD is an abstraction of threads management which allows programmers to deal with them at a much higher-level. It introduce a pool mechanism and allow specific tasks that can be run in parallel to be queued for execution. A monitoring and scheduling mechanism allow them to be executed in parallel on available core.
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Software quality metrics dashboard

metrics Software quality metrics dashboard
This article is not about the silver bullet around quality metrics you’ve been looking for ! Whether it exists or not is a vast debate. I’ve been writing about metrics in the past. Especially for important metrics to track when you’re software is out the door. I’m still scratching my head to find key relevant metrics to track during the course of a given project. I’ve been tracking a lot during the course of my career but they’ve never satisfied me fully.

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