My new relationship with IBM

ibmsmall My new relationship with IBM

IBM has a special place in my heart. This is the place I’ve started my career straight out of college. I was involved in the early days of eCommerce back in 1999 working on IBM Websphere Commerce (aka Net.Commerce). Then worked on IBM Information Integration to finally start my management career as part of the DB2 Replication team (now known as the Infosphere Replication Server).

There was some substantial acquisition during my IBM years: In 2011, Informix ($1B), in 2002 PWC consulting ($2.1B), in 2005 Ascential ($1.1B). But the one I remember the most is the Rational Software acquisition in 2003. The acquisition came from nowhere for a whooping $2.1B! Being in a R&D environment, it has some impact on our development and test environment (for the better I might say). Our source control and change system CMVC migrated to Clearcase/Clearquest and we’ve adopted Rational Functional Tester and Rational Performance Tester as part of our tool set for testing.

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GTAC 2011 goes in the Cloud!

google11 GTAC 2011 goes in the Cloud!

I’ve read a fantastic news this morning! GTAC is going in the Cloud! Finally! James Whittaker announced it a bit earlier this week on the Google Testing Blog: GTAC 2011: Cloudy with a chance of tests (good title btw). I was a bit ahead when I gave my predictions last year for GTAC 2010. I was all for the Real-Time web with some topics around the Cloud. This is what I was writting at the time:

So testing for the real-time web is my bet for GTAC 2010. I can easily see a few additional interesting topics to cover especially around cloud computing which is really hot as well. It would be good to get presentation from people doing testing from the cloud, what are the implications, benefits, challenges etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Lounibos on the stage to share with us the good stuff he’s doing with Soasta ! I had the opportunity to see a demo of their platform and it is really impressive !

Well, I guess this is for 2011 then! It’s in Mountain View the week of October 25th. I can’t think of a better place for GTAC!

I can’t wait!

I love the clouds … The marvelous clouds!

soastacloudtest I love the clouds ... The marvelous clouds!

As I was deploying Cloud Servers this morning to prepare a demo at DC2011, looking at my cloud servers generating load reminded me of this Charles Baudelaire poem. I thought I would share it with you. Clouds … The marvelous clouds …

The stranger

- Tell me, enigmatic man, whom do you love the best?  Your father, or your mother, or your sister, or your brother?
- I have neither father, nor mother, nor sister, nor brother.
- Your friends?
- You are using a word whose meaning remains unknown to me to this very day.
- Your country?
- I do not know under what latitude it lies.
- Beauty?
- I would love her gladly, goddess and immortal.
- Gold?
- I hate it as much as you hate God.
- Well then!  What do you love, extraordinary stranger?
- I love the clouds … the passing clouds … over there … over there … the marvelous clouds!

Introduction to Cloud Testing

Cloud Testing is a very hot topic right now within the software testing industry but I’m still reading questions such as: “Is it testing from the Cloud? In the Cloud? Is it testing the Cloud?” So I thought I would give a very short introduction to Cloud Testing so we’re all on the same page. This is the first lightning talks related to Cloud Testing. Enjoy!

Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit

image Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit

Cloud Computing brings many promises to the Enterprise: Elasticity and scalability, lower costs, accessibility, agility etc. But these new virtual environments brings their load of challenges due to the almost infinite resources they make available:

  • Application architectures need to reinvent themselves to take advantage of the whole cloud computing ecosystem.
  • Data manipulation and aggregation is no longer limited by the amount of CPU power you have available but how do you handle such amount of data? Do we need new data models and algorithm?
  • How do we ensure application perform under these new environments? How do you monitor your performance when dealing with multi-vendors environments?
  • Do clouds meet customer expectation? What does it mean for SLAs?

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Managing a lab for performance testing … Feel the pain !

server room Managing a lab for performance testing ... Feel the pain !

I’ve always wanted to write a post about an important aspect of performance testing: Budgeting your hardware environment for Performance Testing. While managing a QA organization at Experian, it’s been one of the least enjoyable part of my job. Managing and growing people, sure ! Anytime ! Managing a large hardware environment? mmm .. Not so much. But it’s necessary to build it and manage it seriously if you want to run proper performance testing. The fact that I had to manage a large hardware budget during an economic downturn was actually a good thing as I had to be creative to find alternative and I became pretty damn good at rolling on the floor to get what I need from our finance guy … icon wink Managing a lab for performance testing ... Feel the pain !

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My prediction for 2011 – The tipping point for Cloud Testing

HandWithReflectingSphere My prediction for 2011 – The tipping point for Cloud Testing

I won’t play the game of “My top 10 predictions for 2011″ unlike a lot of bloggers. The reason? I’m very bad at this game and you’ve read too many predictions already. So today I will give you one and only one prediction. That’s a fairly big risk I’m taking here but I’m so confident that I think the odd are with me. Yes my fellow readers, 2011 will be the tipping point for Cloud Testing. Read on and tell me in the comments part if we’re not in front of a perfect combination leading to Cloud Testing going mainstream.

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Is Gaming-as-a-Service the new frontier for Cloud Computing ?

onlive2 Is Gaming as a Service the new frontier for Cloud Computing ?

First of all an apology: I haven’t written on my blog for the past 2 months. This is the first time ever since I’ve started writing (for a quick recap of my first year of blogging, read here). I could find excuses such as my vacation this summer (Excellent one by the way!), my work (juggling with 11 products and 18 major versions not counting Service Packs and a few hotfixes) or my new hobby (running … Planning to run the Marathon in November !). But they’re all bad excuses. If you’re in the mood for writing, you always find some time. So there, I said it: I wasn’t in the mood and didn’t feel like writing. Blogging should remain a hobby, not a job !

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