Introduction to monitoring using SOASTA CloudTest Lite

cloudtestlitemonitoring Introduction to monitoring using SOASTA CloudTest Lite

I was giving a demo to a partner last week using SOASTA CloudTest Lite and I had included some monitoring in the demo. People on the call who are doing performance/load testing using open-source products were very impressed by our ability to setup monitoring for any kind of infrastructure while being able to combine and correlate the infrastructure performance counters with the application performance data. And everything in real-time! So I though I would record a quick video to show everyone how it’s done. If you’re interested, you can find more than 50 in-depth CloudTest Lite videos on our CloudLink website.


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Busy times at SOASTA and loving it!

It’s been a really busy couple of months here at SOASTA! Our free product CloudTest Lite is rocking the software testing world right now. Literally. We’ve seen thousands of downloads and activations from all around the world (Yes, we load tested our registration infrastructure of course icon smile Busy times at SOASTA and loving it! ) We’re receiving awesome feedback from performance testing luminaries, validating our strategy and giving us advices. When you’ve got someone such as Scott Barber, one of the most prominent though leader in performance testing, recommending your product, you know you’re on to something!

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Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlin’s Pubs?

velocityeuropelarge Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs?

Speed, speed, speed. It’s probably the hottest topic in every R&D and operation team involved in web or mobile application. It’s the #1 principle for a successful web app, as stated by Fred Wilson during his talk at the annual future of web apps in 2010. There is not one day I don’t see a new best practice, a new service, a new initiative toward better web performance. At stake are millions of dollars of lost revenue due to slow performance or unreliability and everyone wants a piece of that pie. The whole space can be quite overwhelming for customers as it is very dynamic and decision toward the best web performance strategy can be a bit daunting.

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Getting started in mobile web performance

mobileglobalusers Getting started in mobile web performance

As you know, mobile web is hot, hot, hot and mobile might very well replace desktop in the next few years (the jury is out on that one!)

Some latest stats to support this trend:

However, there is one slight problem which needs to get fixed before reaching this stage: Performance. I guess you’ve noticed, performance on mobile is not all that great compared to the performance you get on your desktop’s browser. As this infography illustrates nicely, users have high expectation and mobile performance is still disappointing to most of them (I’m with them on that one! icon smile Getting started in mobile web performance )

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A typical case of web failure thanks to the HP TouchPad and lack of load testing from the cloud

HPTouchPad A typical case of web failure thanks to the HP TouchPad and lack of load testing from the cloud

Last year, I was writing an article called: “Performance testing: When will they learn?“, pointing the fact that most websites were still unprepared when it comes to handling large volume of traffic. Everyone could remember the Apple and AT&T pre-order crash last year in the US. A typical example of what not to do when launching a new product. In France, the most famous case of web failure was the launch of the 2 millions Euros governmental website which crashed miserably after 5 minutes of live. This morning, we have a good challenger to take the first spot. is one of the leading eCommerce website in France and today they had decided to sell 1000 HP TouchPad at 7am. So I decided to wake-up a bit earlier today knowing it would be a win-win situation for me: I could have ended up with a very cheap Android tablet or a very good story to tell. Obviously, I didn’t end up with my tablet but I’ve got my story. A story I’ve heard too many times in the past.

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Cloud Testing days in London – Join me!

London2011 Cloud Testing days in London   Join me!

I’ll be flying out to London next week and participate to 2 testing events.

First, I will meet our new partner Testhouse and hold a joint webinar: Load and Performance Testing in Today’s Web and Mobile World – A revolution with SOASTA CloudTest. This is an introduction to cloud testing where I’ll have an opportunity to share some of the good stuff we’re doing with SOASTA. If you’re into load and performance testing, you’ll quickly realize that there is no turning back: Testing from the Cloud is your best choice today if you truly care about the performance of your web or mobile application. I love games (big chess fan, not very good though. Ping me if you want to play on and there will be a game with a very nice prize for the winner. I can’t tell you more … icon smile Cloud Testing days in London   Join me!

On Friday, I will participate to the SIGIST Conference and yes, I will talk about … Cloud Testing. Hopefully, my talk will lead to some very interesting discussions! While I love webinar, face-to-face discussion are the best! Conference topics will range from test automation, agile testing, test requirements and of course performance testing! I can’t wait to hear Mieke Gevers talk: Ever been fooled by performance testing results. I can definitely relate to the topic and it should lead to a good discussion. The complete agenda for the conference is here [PDF]

Register to the webinar or join me at the conference! Should be fun!