The Art of War – Sun Tzu

artofwar The Art of War   Sun TzuAs part of my professional growth and training, I spend quite a bit of free time reading books on various subjects. These days I’m particularly attracted by the business shelf. I get technical growth directly on web article and conference (online and live test conference. More on this in a future post) but nothing replace (other than experience) a good book in the business area. I’m part of the personal MBA community which offers an interesting concept. I can’t say that I’m a very active member but I do pick up some good book recommendations on their website.

I’m particularly interested in business biography these days: just finished one about Jack Welsh (former GE CEO), one about Lou Gertsner (former IBM CEO) and I’m looking forward reading one about Richard Branson (current Virgin CEO). Continue reading

Testing in the cloud – Amazon EC2

amazon Testing in the cloud   Amazon EC2As all my testing teams are geographically distributed, I am obviously always trying to maximize the effectiveness of our test hardware infrastructure while looking very closely at costs (especially in this tough economic environment). I’m particularly trying to reach optimum flexibility and scalability for our environment. All the products I’m responsible for are developed and tested at different pace. They also might be at different maturity level requiring different test focus (I’m particularly thinking about performance and benchmarks). Continue reading

Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM)

outlook Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM)I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had trouble managing properly the huge amount of email I receive everyday. I’ve tried creating dedicated folders with email to be processed, tried the flag functionality of outlook, colors, priority settings etc. I’ve always managed to be reasonably organized but there was always a part of me which was afraid to miss important email to process. Then I’ve ran across an article from Ian Palangio‘s who runs a blog on productivity. He describes his own system to manage email called PIFEM which make excellent use of favorite folders in Outlook 2007 to manage in a very efficient way emails. With this system, I have a clear view of what email I need to process in my incoming stack, today, tomorrow, next week etc. I’ve been using this system for the past 2 months and I’ve became way more productive with my emails and it really brought me confidence and clarity.

You can find clear direction about PIFEM here.

 Pay It Forward Email Management (PIFEM)

Software testing under NetBeans environment

netbeans Software testing under NetBeans environmentAs we’re starting a new development under NetBeans, we have evaluated quite a bit of open source and commercial tools to cover all of our test requirement. This is the first time we undergo a software development under this development platform and we wanted to make sure we pick the right tools for the job. It was a good opportunity for us to go over some of the new tools available. Here are the tools we’re going to use:


We’ll use both tools to cover our lower level UI testing. They will basically be used whenever our UI funtional test tool (QFTest) can’t be used. Jelly will be used as the processing engine while Jemmy will be used to interact with the underlying UI at the Swing/AWT component level.
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