Code review is a good investment !

codereview6 Code review is a good investment !
According to this article, it looks like testing is overrated !! Code review might be the way to go !

Most studies have found that inspections are cheaper than testing. A Study at the Software Engineering Laboratory found that code reading detected about 80 percent more faults per hour than testing (Basili and Selby 1987). Another organization found that it cost six times as much to detect design defects by using testing as by using inspections (Ackerman, Buchwald, and Lweski 1989). A later study at IBM found that only 3.5 staff hours were needed to find each error when using code inspections, whereas 15-25 hours were needed to find each error through testing (Kaplan 1995).

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Measuring Software Quality

dollars Measuring Software QualitySoftware quality metrics must be part of the top 5 discussed subjects if you’ve been working in a Software engineering team. Discussion are usually endless as there is no silver bullet. I was reading this article today which summarizes the typical issues when deciding which metrics to track.

Should we track:

  • Number of tests?
  • Pass rate?
  • Plan versus actual?
  • Run to plan?
  • Pass to plan?
  • Number of defects?
  • Code coverage?
  • Functional coverage?
  • Performance figures?

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Jack Welch: Straight from the Gut

jack1 Jack Welch: Straight from the GutI’ve always picked up quite a bit of management and business knowledge by observing and talking to leaders around me. I’ve been fairly lucky so far and have been regularly surrounded by people who impressed and inspired me. They all helped me in one way or another to get better at what I’m doing.

Another way to get some inspiration and motivation is to read biographies about very successful people in whatever industry they are working in. Jack Welch, is one of these people and his biography Straight from the Gut is a fantastic read !

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Cloud computing services are hot in 2009 !

cloud Cloud computing services are hot in 2009 !It looks like cloud computing is going to be very hot in 2009. After Amazon, Microsoft and Google, IBM is planning to make its push in the cloud computing space. This is definitely a good news for everyone looking to use these type of service. As mentioned in one of my previous post, this is something I’m looking into in 2009 to add flexibility to my organization’s test infrastructure. This healthy competition is definitely going to bring better service and drive cost down !

Excerpt from the Reuters article

BOSTON, April 23 (Reuters) – International Business Machines Corp (IBM.N) plans to launch cloud computing services this year, taking on companies such as Inc (AMZN.O), Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) and Google Inc (GOOG.O).

Company spokeswoman Kelly Sims said on Thursday the first of these new services will enable developers to write software that works with the emerging new technology.

Cloud computing systems run software and store information in remote, large-scale data centers that users and programmers access over the Internet.

In addition to the service for developers, the company also plans to introduce clouds that allow businesses to run business applications and virtualize personal computer networks, Sims said.

 Cloud computing services are hot in 2009 !

Get excited and make things !!

excited Get excited and make things !!I’ve just ran across this short article on the Personal MBA blog which summarizes really well how I approach both my professional life and personal life. Project yourself into a situation where you’d do something (useful) and which would bring you excitement. It doesn’t matter how far you are from that situation as long as you understand clearly your goal. Then you can drill down and lay down intermediate stages which will help you reach the ultimate goal. These intermediate levels should really get you closer to where you want to go and have clear objectives themselves. You could make the parallel with Agile software development where you deliver regular pieces of functionality during iteration which bring you closer to your final product. Life and software development have a lot in common ! icon smile Get excited and make things !!

 Get excited and make things !!

Managing your workday: Quality over Quantity

board Managing your workday: Quality over QuantityAs a QA director, I focus particularly on the quality of our products of course but it is also true on how I try to manage both my professional and personal life. I’m not particularly interested to do a lot at an average level but rather do maybe less but at an exceptional level. Optimally I’d like to do a lot at an exceptional level but if you want to reach an optimal  work-life balance, you will need to compromise.

I ran across this article on lifehacker and got interested by this picture describing some best practices to manage your work day.

I’ve always liked the idea of controlling how often I check my email. Now that I’ve implemented PIFEM (read here), I find it much easier to leave email accumulate for a few hours during each days and manage the reading during time boxed period throughout the day. I’m currently down to 6, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. I think I can go easily down to 3 ! I write what I need to write at anytime during the day as suggested by the board.

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Software Test and Performance magazine

magazine Software Test and Performance magazineI regularly read a number of online magazines. As our products have a big performance requirement, I’m particularly close to performance testing and I try to keep up to date with new techniques and tools. Software Test & Performance magazine fit perfectly in the performance area as well as in more general testing topics. This month issue covers interesting articles about security and how to make the best decision when deciding to make a release available with known bugs.

The April issue can be downloaded here

 Software Test and Performance magazine

Software Test conferences are important


seetest Software Test conferences are importantThis is the first post of a series I’m planning to write about Software Testers motivation and how to best manage it. I’m a strong believer that people are everything and that they should be your priority #1. I might state the obvious but my various professional experiences in various organizations told me that people were not necessarily the upmost priority to some.

One of the many tools I have in my management toolbox is the regular use of software test conferences. I find various benefits to have some Software testers to attend such conferences:

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