A typical case of web failure thanks to the HP TouchPad and lack of load testing from the cloud

HPTouchPad A typical case of web failure thanks to the HP TouchPad and lack of load testing from the cloud

Last year, I was writing an article called: “Performance testing: When will they learn?“, pointing the fact that most websites were still unprepared when it comes to handling large volume of traffic. Everyone could remember the Apple and AT&T pre-order crash last year in the US. A typical example of what not to do when launching a new product. In France, the most famous case of web failure was the launch of the 2 millions Euros governmental website france.fr which crashed miserably after 5 minutes of live. This morning, we have a good challenger to take the first spot.

Rueducommerce.fr is one of the leading eCommerce website in France and today they had decided to sell 1000 HP TouchPad at 7am. So I decided to wake-up a bit earlier today knowing it would be a win-win situation for me: I could have ended up with a very cheap Android tablet or a very good story to tell. Obviously, I didn’t end up with my tablet but I’ve got my story. A story I’ve heard too many times in the past.

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Cloud Testing days in London – Join me!

London2011 Cloud Testing days in London   Join me!

I’ll be flying out to London next week and participate to 2 testing events.

First, I will meet our new partner Testhouse and hold a joint webinar: Load and Performance Testing in Today’s Web and Mobile World – A revolution with SOASTA CloudTest. This is an introduction to cloud testing where I’ll have an opportunity to share some of the good stuff we’re doing with SOASTA. If you’re into load and performance testing, you’ll quickly realize that there is no turning back: Testing from the Cloud is your best choice today if you truly care about the performance of your web or mobile application. I love games (big chess fan, not very good though. Ping me if you want to play on redhotpawn.com) and there will be a game with a very nice prize for the winner. I can’t tell you more … icon smile Cloud Testing days in London   Join me!

On Friday, I will participate to the SIGIST Conference and yes, I will talk about … Cloud Testing. Hopefully, my talk will lead to some very interesting discussions! While I love webinar, face-to-face discussion are the best! Conference topics will range from test automation, agile testing, test requirements and of course performance testing! I can’t wait to hear Mieke Gevers talk: Ever been fooled by performance testing results. I can definitely relate to the topic and it should lead to a good discussion. The complete agenda for the conference is here [PDF]

Register to the webinar or join me at the conference! Should be fun!

SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe

help wanted SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe

Yes, the rumors are true. We’re expanding our performance engineering organization in Europe as a lot of companies need help to get their web and mobile applications ready for the traffic! 

The team you’ll join is probably the best team of performance engineers I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my career. It’s not often you work with people who have tested some of the largest website on the planet (Netflix, Intuit, Gilt Groupe) with volume you can only dream about (from 1000 virtual users up to the million with myspace), finding problems all across the application ecosystem (code, infrastructure, network, external third-parties etc.) 

The great thing about working in a startup is the fact that everyday is different. One day you could run some large scale test for a customer. The next day you’re working on pre-sales activities, discussing performance testing with a CTO or other performance engineers. You can be involved with the engineering group to help define the SOASTA CloudTest roadmap. You can have an opportunity to run a webinar for the whole world! If you’re looking to learn and grow your career, this is definitely the PLACE TO BE! 

Our performance engineers are the best in the world (Did I already say it? icon smile SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe ) They’ve been working previously with other load testing product such as LoadRunner, SilkPerformer or JMeter. They all have knowledge of object-oriented programming whether it’s C++ or Java and they have experience with JavaScript. They’ve been working with application server technologies (Java, .Net) and of course have a common understanding of n-tier application architecture. Since CloudTest supports all major web technology, they have to deal with HTTP, REST, Web Services, XML, etc.and of course since we find problems all over the place with CloudTest, they’re familiar with proxies, firewall, CDNs, DNS etc. THEY DO IT ALL! icon smile SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe

But they’re not only all about technical skills! As previously mentioned, they have to interact regularly with customers and partners for demos, training or presentation of results, so they have to adapt their communication. We’re getting new customers every day so they have to manage their workload, deal with changing priorities etc. This is very fast-paced environment and this is why it is so AWESOME

I think you get the point: We’re looking for the BEST PERFORMANCE ENGINEERS IN EUROPE! We’re primarily looking for someone UK based, but we’re open to other location as well.

Do you think you have what it takes? Let’s have a chat! Drop me a note with your resume at fberinger[at]soasta[dot]com


Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

SOASTACloudTestLite Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

Before talking about why I’m so excited today, let me tell you a story. 18 months ago, as I was investigating SOASTA CloudTest for my own Software Testing organization, I had a chance to get a demo from Dan Bartow and a chat with Tom Lounibos about the product. Slavy Slavov who was heading our team in Sofia, Bulgaria was also part of the call. We were litteraly blown away by what we were seeing! My organization was using HP Loadrunner at the time (and you should know what I think about LoadRunner …) and CloudTest seemed way ahead of the competition: Leveraging public and private clouds, real-time analytics, a very innovative visual approach to test creation and execution etc. Slavy and myself were sold on first sight! Beside features and technical questions, I’ve asked the rather obvious question about an evaluation version of CloudTest, something my team could play around for a while before making any purchasing decision. Myself couldn’t wait to have a chance to play with it! Well, to my upmost disapointment there was no trial version available. Tom offered a proof-of-concept for whatever projects we were working on but the timing was too tight for us. We left it at that unfortunately …

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The Cloud: A game changer to test, at scale and in production, SOA based web and mobile applications.

Next week, I am heading to Rome to present at the International SOA Conference – Moving SOA into the Cloud. I’ll be giving the presentation I gave at DataCenter 2011, but with additional content. Of course there will be some specifics about how to approach testing SOA in the Cloud but also content on the type of problems cloud testing allows to find across all environments we usually test in ie. Lab, staging and production environment via real customers’ story.

For example, how easy it is for a badly designed page to cap out your bandwidth (yes, we’re at 238mbits/s!) and max out your webservers with a low volume test in a staging environment.

teststaging1 The Cloud: A game changer to test, at scale and in production,  SOA based web and mobile applications.

How a fix in a load balancer firmware can help you go from this (horrible) situation ie. 6% error rate, response rate to the roof after 15min, bandwidth capping out.

testproduction1 The Cloud: A game changer to test, at scale and in production,  SOA based web and mobile applications.

To this much better situation ie. 0.001% error rate (can’t get better than that!) with 172K virtual users.

testproduction2 The Cloud: A game changer to test, at scale and in production,  SOA based web and mobile applications.

Here is the presentation I’ll be giving:

GTAC 2011 goes in the Cloud!

google11 GTAC 2011 goes in the Cloud!

I’ve read a fantastic news this morning! GTAC is going in the Cloud! Finally! James Whittaker announced it a bit earlier this week on the Google Testing Blog: GTAC 2011: Cloudy with a chance of tests (good title btw). I was a bit ahead when I gave my predictions last year for GTAC 2010. I was all for the Real-Time web with some topics around the Cloud. This is what I was writting at the time:

So testing for the real-time web is my bet for GTAC 2010. I can easily see a few additional interesting topics to cover especially around cloud computing which is really hot as well. It would be good to get presentation from people doing testing from the cloud, what are the implications, benefits, challenges etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Lounibos on the stage to share with us the good stuff he’s doing with Soasta ! I had the opportunity to see a demo of their platform and it is really impressive !

Well, I guess this is for 2011 then! It’s in Mountain View the week of October 25th. I can’t think of a better place for GTAC!

I can’t wait!

Hot Software and Performance Testing Links – Week of April 18th

softwaretestinglinks1 Hot Software and Performance Testing Links   Week of April 18th

This week in software and performance testing

A few Observations on structure in testing
Over the years, it’s been common for people in our community to mention exploratory testing, only to have someone reply, “Oh, so that’s like unstructured testing, right?” That’s a little like someone refer to a cadenza or a musical solo as “unstructured music”; to improv theatre as “unstructured theatre”; to hiking without a map or a precise schedule as  “unstructured walking”; to all forms of education outside of a school as “unstructured learning”. When someone says “Exploratory testing is  unstructured,” I immediately hear, “I have a very limited view of what ‘structure’ means.”

Scale Fail
Hilarious video from Josh Berkus at MySqlConf 2011

What is Facebook’s architecture
Quick summary of Facebook’s architecture

uTest partners with Mozilla to build a test case management system
Test Case Management can be trickier than herding cats.  If you work for a small to mid-sized company and everyone’s counting on you to QA the apps to glowing perfection (no pressure, right?), then you’ve clearly demonstrated you’re a supremely organized person.  It’s in your DNA.

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