CloudTest Mobile – A dream come true!

SOASTACloudTestMobile CloudTest Mobile   A dream come true!

If you’re in software development (and if you are reading this blog, I’m assuming this is the case. If you’re looking for cooking lessons, this is not the right place. Really.) you know the feeling. During long months of a release cycle, it is a roller coaster. From the initial idea which gets everyone in the company excited (if you don’t get pumped up by what your engineering team is cooking, maybe you’re in the wrong company …), to the early mock-up, the first demo (I remember the first demo we had a chance to see back in Feburary. I was speechless. Literally.), the beta-phase and the first feedback from actual customers, seeing the competition trying to get in the bandwagon, all the technical breakthrough the engineering team is able to crack … Everything leads to this day. When engineering, marketing, sales and operation cross the finish line (which is also the starting line) together. It is a feeling that will never get old for me. NEVER.

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Mobile, Cloud, PaaS … Crazy times at SOASTA!

Not much update from me in the last few months as we’ve been EXTREMELY busy icon smile Mobile, Cloud, PaaS ... Crazy times at SOASTA! We’ve been taken over by the whole mobile movement as our TouchTest Beta is going strong all across the world. We’re currently working with 100′s of companies who have a chance to be part of this beta to test their native application. The feedback were receiving is incredible and I’m helping a bunch of companies and partners to get started with our technology. If you’re into the mobile business (as you should be!) and are struggling with functional test automation, register on our website and I’ll be happy to get you started. If you’re still not familiar with TouchTest you can watch the webinar I ran in EMEA last month which will tell you why we came up with this new way of doing functional test automation for native applications. It has a lot to do with what customers were struggling with icon smile Mobile, Cloud, PaaS ... Crazy times at SOASTA!


You can also watch this video where Robert Scoble discovers TouchTest for the first time! He looks very impressed! Ken Gardner, our founder and executive chairman, and Tal Broda our VP of engineering, gives him an in-depth view of our product.


We’re also very busy on the partner front. In the past few weeks, we’ve announced some very important relationships with market leaders. Believe it or not, we’re partnering with HP as we’re able today to leverage their new public Cloud. We’ve also announced yesterday our support to the next-generation cloud from RackSpace and with OpenStack! As we’re working with 17 Cloud APIs today, supporting an open source API is very important for us and will help us integrate quickly OpenStack compatible cloud providers (if you’re interested to understand how we leverage Cloud APIs, there is a very good article from Dave Murphy on our blog). During the Rackspace event, Tom Lounibos and Dave Murphy gave their impression on the announcement and what it will mean for SOASTA in the future:


Last but not least, we’ve got more and more testers using CloudTest Lite (we’re seeing hundreds of download every day!) But we also want to influence developers to run more tests! As more developers are working using a PaaS, the best way for us to influence them is to be part of their development platform. That’s why we announced support for VMWare CloudFoundry last week. It will allow every developers using CloudFoundry to use CloudTest Lite for free during their development cycle. We’re the official test automation framework for CloudFoundry. That’s our present to them for their first birthday!

I’m writing this short note while attending the Selenium Conference in London where we have a chance to demo CloudTest and TouchTest to the Selenium community. I’m very excited to be in direct contact with true testers from all over the world and who are investing into the latest software testing trends. There are a few companies really innovative in this hot software testing market and we’re really glad to be recognized as such by the Selenium community. The Selenium movement has done a lot to help testers over the years and being part of this event is our way to say THANK YOU!


SOASTA and the IBM SmartCloud

Did you know that IBM SmartCloud was part of the SOASTA Global Cloud? The SOASTA Global Cloud allows us to help customers from 39 locations across the globe by giving us access to more than 375,000 servers! Thanks to Cloud providers such as IBM, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, GoGrid, RackSpace, Radix, etc.

Tom Lounibos gives a brief introduction about the IBM and SOASTA relationship and what it means for customers.

Join the SOASTA TouchTest Movement next week!

touchtestwebinar Join the SOASTA TouchTest Movement next week!

It’s been 2 weeks now that we’ve announced TouchTest and the feedback is really amazing! I think we’re really on to something here. The Beta is going extremely well with great excitement from engineering team across the world really looking at making our platform the best solution for mobile test automation.

I’ve been demoing our technology at least 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks with my agenda filling quickly! So I thought I’d organize a TouchTest gathering for everyone involved into mobile apps development and testing in Europe and beyond!

During this webinar I will discuss and demonstrate the new CloudTest capabilities including:

  • Precision capture and playback of ALL continuous touch gestures including pan, pinch, zoom, and scroll on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android mobile devices
  • Touch-based UI testing from INSIDE the app, replacing brittle optical recognition approaches, enabling validations based on variable values and internal app state changes
  • Control of test devices via IP address, eliminating the need for tethering, jailbreaking, or contracting with expensive 3rd party services
  • Private Device Clouds that support affordable testing with real devices in your lab or across the globe

Do you want to join the TouchTest Movement? Join me February 23rd 2012, 12pm-1pm GMT

SOASTA TouchTest – The day after

SOASTATouchTest SOASTA TouchTest   The day after

Wow! What a week! We’ve announced our new AWESOME product TouchTest this Monday and things got crazy really quickly! I’ve been talking about it yesterday all day long with testers and potential customers, and the feedback is truly AMAZING! Then when I had finally some time to catch up with what was said about TouchTest, I ended up spending quite a bit of time reading everything that was being said about TouchTest. Check this out!

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Mobile Test Automation the SOASTA way with TouchTest

Kinect Minority Report UI 2 Mobile Test Automation the SOASTA way with TouchTest

2 weeks ago I’ve spent a week at SOASTA HQ for our 2012 kick-off. A good opportunity to meet old friends, and make new ones! As you know, in December we’ve raised an additional $12M to expand our business and awesome people are joining the revolution every day! On the menu was a recap of 2011, plan and objectives for 2012 and of course a little bit of partying and dancing (first ankle tear for me in 2012! But I think I’ve scored some major points on the dance floor icon smile Mobile Test Automation the SOASTA way with TouchTest )

But during this week there was a true seminal moment, not only for me but for the whole team at SOASTA.

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Future UIs will bring challenges to Software Testing!

This video was taken at the TED conference in 2010 and presents the future of User Interfaces.  The presenter, John UnderKoffler, is the guy who built the technology behind “Minority Report” 10 years ago. You can find emerging application for these kind of UIs from logistics, Financial distribution, military, etc.
Today’s UIs rely on Basic Touch (button), multi-touch (several actions) or gesture based (swipe, pinch, etc). But soon we’ll see interface based on voice (Siri like), 3D navigation, bendable phones (Nokia) and hovering gestures (Seen in this awesome demo)

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