Software quality metrics dashboard

metrics Software quality metrics dashboard
This article is not about the silver bullet around quality metrics you’ve been looking for ! Whether it exists or not is a vast debate. I’ve been writing about metrics in the past. Especially for important metrics to track when you’re software is out the door. I’m still scratching my head to find key relevant metrics to track during the course of a given project. I’ve been tracking a lot during the course of my career but they’ve never satisfied me fully.

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State of the economy is helping Agile development adoption

agile State of the economy is helping Agile development adoption
If you had some doubt about SCRUM and Agile development getting real in the software development world, here is an interesting chart showing the evolution of agile and SCRUM related job for the past 4 years. A picture is worth a thousand words and I guess this one clearly demonstrate a clear growing trend. We’re part of that trend as my software organization is transitioning to SCRUM. I’m taking my green pill everyday !

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Avoid bankruptcy ! Manage your technical debt.

technicaldebt Avoid  bankruptcy ! Manage your technical debt.

The term technical debt was first introduced by Ward
and is a metaphor to describe the consequences of quick and dirty software architecture and development. It is not necessary a bad thing to fall into technical debt as long as you’re doing a good job at understanding how you’re going to pay it in the future. A quick parallel with financial debt can be made easily: It might be a good idea to get a student loan to get a proper education, but you better plan carefully you repayment if you don’t want to end up in a financial nightmare. Same with software: You might want to cut corners to deliver a cutting edge new feature ahead of the competition which will generate large revenue, but you better plan carefully to polish your code if you don’t want to end up in maintenance nightmare.

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Transition to Scrum for large software organization

scrum Transition to Scrum for large software organization
My current test organization has to deal with different development processes. This is what happen when you start building a software test organization on top of a company which has had a strong acquisition strategy for the past 10 years. It didn’t necessarily had to standardize the development process as the various products were not  integrated together. Things get a bit problematic when you actually want to take advantage of this integration to build better solution. When you deal with origination, customer management, fraud, collection, decisioning, score card analysis etc. you definitely want to mix and match the features to offer sales and marketing the largest range of options to meet customer requirement and, of course, cross-sell.

3 years ago I had to deal with all kind of processes: The no-process strategy (my favorite .. sight), heavy waterfall (I’m still soaked by that one …), home grown iterative process etc. Scrum was definitely only discussed during a good Rugby game.

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