Could developers be the future of software testing?

mobileautomation2 Could developers be the future of software testing?

According to different reports, the global software testing market is around $30B and is looking at growing at about $50B in 2020. Not too shabby for the bastard child of IT! It is estimated that around 30% to 40% of this market is taken by offshore testing services (these days located in India, Eastern Europe and South America for the most part). I have nothing against outsourcing testing services as long as they bring the best value to the development organization. The problem with these services (from my own experience) is the fact that they still operate the same way than 20 years ago. Basically performing manual testing at the end of the whole development phase and have still a lot of difficulties to embed within an agile environment. I’m thinking that a lot of testing services company (especially the largest one) are doing everything they can to keep software testing in a status quo, in a dormant state for their own benefit. I don’t see a lot of these companies trying to invest in automation offering … How long will they keep fooling customers?

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What apps are in every developer toolkit?

This is an interesting survey done by They’ve interviewed 500 developers from companies of less than 100 people, asking them their choice of tools for their development environment. It’s interesting to notice that some categories are clearly dominated by one product: Eclipse is killing everyone else, MySQL is the obvious choice, Git has become in no time a strong leader … I’m very sad not to see any software testing tools/frameworks in this developer’s toolkit. icon sad What apps are in every developer toolkit? They seem more important than website analytics for developers … I would also have been interested to see the preferred choice for continuous integration … My guess would be Jenkins but you never know.

It would be interesting to see similar survey for testers! I can bet we would start seeing CloudTest Lite on such infographic. And you know what? I’m 100% confident we’ll see it appear as #1 in one category for 2012. I can’t say more but our development team is cooking something truly awesome … !

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developmenttoolkit What apps are in every developer toolkit?

Getting started in mobile web performance

mobileglobalusers Getting started in mobile web performance

As you know, mobile web is hot, hot, hot and mobile might very well replace desktop in the next few years (the jury is out on that one!)

Some latest stats to support this trend:

However, there is one slight problem which needs to get fixed before reaching this stage: Performance. I guess you’ve noticed, performance on mobile is not all that great compared to the performance you get on your desktop’s browser. As this infography illustrates nicely, users have high expectation and mobile performance is still disappointing to most of them (I’m with them on that one! icon smile Getting started in mobile web performance )

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Hot Software and Performance Testing Links – Week of April 18th

softwaretestinglinks1 Hot Software and Performance Testing Links   Week of April 18th

This week in software and performance testing

A few Observations on structure in testing
Over the years, it’s been common for people in our community to mention exploratory testing, only to have someone reply, “Oh, so that’s like unstructured testing, right?” That’s a little like someone refer to a cadenza or a musical solo as “unstructured music”; to improv theatre as “unstructured theatre”; to hiking without a map or a precise schedule as  “unstructured walking”; to all forms of education outside of a school as “unstructured learning”. When someone says “Exploratory testing is  unstructured,” I immediately hear, “I have a very limited view of what ‘structure’ means.”

Scale Fail
Hilarious video from Josh Berkus at MySqlConf 2011

What is Facebook’s architecture
Quick summary of Facebook’s architecture

uTest partners with Mozilla to build a test case management system
Test Case Management can be trickier than herding cats.  If you work for a small to mid-sized company and everyone’s counting on you to QA the apps to glowing perfection (no pressure, right?), then you’ve clearly demonstrated you’re a supremely organized person.  It’s in your DNA.

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Is the world cup killing Twitter?

twitterwhale Is the world cup killing Twitter?

After 4 years, the wait is finally over ! The World Cup started last Friday. Beside bringing lots of excitement all over the world, lots of buzzing ears due to too many Vuvuzela, it also seems that the World Cup is brining a lot of pain to the Twitter engineering team. It might not be related, but the fact is that the tweetersphere is experiencing high level of frustration ever since the event started. Performance degradation have been seen 3 days before the start and have been increasing ever since.

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