SOASTA TouchTest – The day after

SOASTATouchTest SOASTA TouchTest   The day after

Wow! What a week! We’ve announced our new AWESOME product TouchTest this Monday and things got crazy really quickly! I’ve been talking about it yesterday all day long with testers and potential customers, and the feedback is truly AMAZING! Then when I had finally some time to catch up with what was said about TouchTest, I ended up spending quite a bit of time reading everything that was being said about TouchTest. Check this out!

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Mobile Test Automation the SOASTA way with TouchTest

Kinect Minority Report UI 2 Mobile Test Automation the SOASTA way with TouchTest

2 weeks ago I’ve spent a week at SOASTA HQ for our 2012 kick-off. A good opportunity to meet old friends, and make new ones! As you know, in December we’ve raised an additional $12M to expand our business and awesome people are joining the revolution every day! On the menu was a recap of 2011, plan and objectives for 2012 and of course a little bit of partying and dancing (first ankle tear for me in 2012! But I think I’ve scored some major points on the dance floor icon smile Mobile Test Automation the SOASTA way with TouchTest )

But during this week there was a true seminal moment, not only for me but for the whole team at SOASTA.

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Future UIs will bring challenges to Software Testing!

This video was taken at the TED conference in 2010 and presents the future of User Interfaces.  The presenter, John UnderKoffler, is the guy who built the technology behind “Minority Report” 10 years ago. You can find emerging application for these kind of UIs from logistics, Financial distribution, military, etc.
Today’s UIs rely on Basic Touch (button), multi-touch (several actions) or gesture based (swipe, pinch, etc). But soon we’ll see interface based on voice (Siri like), 3D navigation, bendable phones (Nokia) and hovering gestures (Seen in this awesome demo)

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The Valley is partying like it’s 1999! SOASTA makes the news!

The crew of NBC Bay Area was in the SOASTA’s office yesterday to shoot a small report on some of the hottest Startups in the Silicon Valley. In case we needed a reminder, 2012  looks really strong especially for Cloud Computing companies. A good indication? It’s getting really tough to hire top notch developers right now in the Valley (We’re actually hiring software engineers right now!) and the money is flowing in the right direction (SOASTA raised $12M this month. We’re looking at expanding internationally and continue to bring AWESOME innovation into the software testing world, as early as first quarter of 2012. Stay tuned!)

Enjoy the show!

Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite – Even my mum can do it!

cloudtestlitestarting Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite   Even my mum can do it!

Ok, the title is a bit misleading as my mum is technology challenged but I’m sure my sister could do it! icon smile Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite   Even my mum can do it! Seriously,  yesterday I was describing the CloudTest Lite installation process to a software tester as he was not used to receive an installation package as a virtual image. The first time I installed CloudTest Lite, I was not used to it either! And actually wondered if it was the right packaging option for such product. Yes, I questioned my own engineering team! Shame on me. And as always, they blew me away as I’ve never looked back. Continue reading

What apps are in every developer toolkit?

This is an interesting survey done by They’ve interviewed 500 developers from companies of less than 100 people, asking them their choice of tools for their development environment. It’s interesting to notice that some categories are clearly dominated by one product: Eclipse is killing everyone else, MySQL is the obvious choice, Git has become in no time a strong leader … I’m very sad not to see any software testing tools/frameworks in this developer’s toolkit. icon sad What apps are in every developer toolkit? They seem more important than website analytics for developers … I would also have been interested to see the preferred choice for continuous integration … My guess would be Jenkins but you never know.

It would be interesting to see similar survey for testers! I can bet we would start seeing CloudTest Lite on such infographic. And you know what? I’m 100% confident we’ll see it appear as #1 in one category for 2012. I can’t say more but our development team is cooking something truly awesome … !

Click on the picture for the larger version.

developmenttoolkit What apps are in every developer toolkit?

Busy times at SOASTA and loving it!

It’s been a really busy couple of months here at SOASTA! Our free product CloudTest Lite is rocking the software testing world right now. Literally. We’ve seen thousands of downloads and activations from all around the world (Yes, we load tested our registration infrastructure of course icon smile Busy times at SOASTA and loving it! ) We’re receiving awesome feedback from performance testing luminaries, validating our strategy and giving us advices. When you’ve got someone such as Scott Barber, one of the most prominent though leader in performance testing, recommending your product, you know you’re on to something!

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