Cloud Testing at Datacentres 2011 in Nice

DataCentres2011 Cloud Testing at Datacentres 2011 in Nice

I’ve been invited at DataCentres 2011 to share my passion about Cloud Testing. A good opportunity for me to introduce the main principles and benefits of Cloud Testing to a broad audience. Cloud Computing is a fairly new concept, especially in Europe. A lot of enterprises are still unsure about some of its benefits and have concerns about security. Cloud Testing is the killer application to get acquainted with Cloud Computing and of course to help you with the performance and reliability of your web or mobile application. And when you start doing it, you can’t stop! Abstract of the talk is here.

Oh yeah, the conference is in … Nice. Easy enough for me as it is 15 minutes from my place. I hope to see you there and hopefully we can share interesting discussion!

Cloud Testing Webinar this Tuesday!

webinar Cloud Testing Webinar this Tuesday!

A shameless plug for my reader today! If you’re coming to this blog you might be more and more interested in Cloud Testing. Guess what? We organize a webinar this Tuesday March 22nd which will cover the basics of Cloud Testing and a demo which will show you how Cloud Testing helps customer everyday and demonstrate why it’s a unique approach compared to traditional performance testing. I sure hope to see you there! Get more information and register here