It’s time to get real! Introducing mPulse

soastampulse Its time to get real! Introducing mPulse

I can’t resist to show you the latest video we’ve sent to our customers on Valentine’s day. This is real footage of our latest product mPulse, born soon after the logNormal acquisition only a few months ago. I’m so amazed by the work done by our engineering team in such a short time! In a nutshell, mPulse redefines the Real User Measurement space, allowing customers to understand in real-time how their web and mobile apps are behaving in the field. To help deal with bad user experience of mobile and web apps, mPulse comes to the rescue with Big Data, Real-time Processing, Actionable Intelligence and amazing 3D visualization!!

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Mobile, Cloud, PaaS … Crazy times at SOASTA!

Not much update from me in the last few months as we’ve been EXTREMELY busy icon smile Mobile, Cloud, PaaS ... Crazy times at SOASTA! We’ve been taken over by the whole mobile movement as our TouchTest Beta is going strong all across the world. We’re currently working with 100′s of companies who have a chance to be part of this beta to test their native application. The feedback were receiving is incredible and I’m helping a bunch of companies and partners to get started with our technology. If you’re into the mobile business (as you should be!) and are struggling with functional test automation, register on our website and I’ll be happy to get you started. If you’re still not familiar with TouchTest you can watch the webinar I ran in EMEA last month which will tell you why we came up with this new way of doing functional test automation for native applications. It has a lot to do with what customers were struggling with icon smile Mobile, Cloud, PaaS ... Crazy times at SOASTA!


You can also watch this video where Robert Scoble discovers TouchTest for the first time! He looks very impressed! Ken Gardner, our founder and executive chairman, and Tal Broda our VP of engineering, gives him an in-depth view of our product.


We’re also very busy on the partner front. In the past few weeks, we’ve announced some very important relationships with market leaders. Believe it or not, we’re partnering with HP as we’re able today to leverage their new public Cloud. We’ve also announced yesterday our support to the next-generation cloud from RackSpace and with OpenStack! As we’re working with 17 Cloud APIs today, supporting an open source API is very important for us and will help us integrate quickly OpenStack compatible cloud providers (if you’re interested to understand how we leverage Cloud APIs, there is a very good article from Dave Murphy on our blog). During the Rackspace event, Tom Lounibos and Dave Murphy gave their impression on the announcement and what it will mean for SOASTA in the future:


Last but not least, we’ve got more and more testers using CloudTest Lite (we’re seeing hundreds of download every day!) But we also want to influence developers to run more tests! As more developers are working using a PaaS, the best way for us to influence them is to be part of their development platform. That’s why we announced support for VMWare CloudFoundry last week. It will allow every developers using CloudFoundry to use CloudTest Lite for free during their development cycle. We’re the official test automation framework for CloudFoundry. That’s our present to them for their first birthday!

I’m writing this short note while attending the Selenium Conference in London where we have a chance to demo CloudTest and TouchTest to the Selenium community. I’m very excited to be in direct contact with true testers from all over the world and who are investing into the latest software testing trends. There are a few companies really innovative in this hot software testing market and we’re really glad to be recognized as such by the Selenium community. The Selenium movement has done a lot to help testers over the years and being part of this event is our way to say THANK YOU!


The Valley is partying like it’s 1999! SOASTA makes the news!

The crew of NBC Bay Area was in the SOASTA’s office yesterday to shoot a small report on some of the hottest Startups in the Silicon Valley. In case we needed a reminder, 2012  looks really strong especially for Cloud Computing companies. A good indication? It’s getting really tough to hire top notch developers right now in the Valley (We’re actually hiring software engineers right now!) and the money is flowing in the right direction (SOASTA raised $12M this month. We’re looking at expanding internationally and continue to bring AWESOME innovation into the software testing world, as early as first quarter of 2012. Stay tuned!)

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Busy times at SOASTA and loving it!

It’s been a really busy couple of months here at SOASTA! Our free product CloudTest Lite is rocking the software testing world right now. Literally. We’ve seen thousands of downloads and activations from all around the world (Yes, we load tested our registration infrastructure of course icon smile Busy times at SOASTA and loving it! ) We’re receiving awesome feedback from performance testing luminaries, validating our strategy and giving us advices. When you’ve got someone such as Scott Barber, one of the most prominent though leader in performance testing, recommending your product, you know you’re on to something!

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A typical case of web failure thanks to the HP TouchPad and lack of load testing from the cloud

HPTouchPad A typical case of web failure thanks to the HP TouchPad and lack of load testing from the cloud

Last year, I was writing an article called: “Performance testing: When will they learn?“, pointing the fact that most websites were still unprepared when it comes to handling large volume of traffic. Everyone could remember the Apple and AT&T pre-order crash last year in the US. A typical example of what not to do when launching a new product. In France, the most famous case of web failure was the launch of the 2 millions Euros governmental website which crashed miserably after 5 minutes of live. This morning, we have a good challenger to take the first spot. is one of the leading eCommerce website in France and today they had decided to sell 1000 HP TouchPad at 7am. So I decided to wake-up a bit earlier today knowing it would be a win-win situation for me: I could have ended up with a very cheap Android tablet or a very good story to tell. Obviously, I didn’t end up with my tablet but I’ve got my story. A story I’ve heard too many times in the past.

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Cloud Testing days in London – Join me!

London2011 Cloud Testing days in London   Join me!

I’ll be flying out to London next week and participate to 2 testing events.

First, I will meet our new partner Testhouse and hold a joint webinar: Load and Performance Testing in Today’s Web and Mobile World – A revolution with SOASTA CloudTest. This is an introduction to cloud testing where I’ll have an opportunity to share some of the good stuff we’re doing with SOASTA. If you’re into load and performance testing, you’ll quickly realize that there is no turning back: Testing from the Cloud is your best choice today if you truly care about the performance of your web or mobile application. I love games (big chess fan, not very good though. Ping me if you want to play on and there will be a game with a very nice prize for the winner. I can’t tell you more … icon smile Cloud Testing days in London   Join me!

On Friday, I will participate to the SIGIST Conference and yes, I will talk about … Cloud Testing. Hopefully, my talk will lead to some very interesting discussions! While I love webinar, face-to-face discussion are the best! Conference topics will range from test automation, agile testing, test requirements and of course performance testing! I can’t wait to hear Mieke Gevers talk: Ever been fooled by performance testing results. I can definitely relate to the topic and it should lead to a good discussion. The complete agenda for the conference is here [PDF]

Register to the webinar or join me at the conference! Should be fun!