Taking Mobile Test Automation on the Road!

topbestpracticesformobiletestautomation Taking Mobile Test Automation on the Road!

Spring is right around the corner and it’s going to be fairly busy for me! I’m very exciting to take my talk arond the United States. If you’re getting started with mobile test automation, this is a great talk to attend. I’ve worked with dozens of customers to help them avoid typical pitfalls and get them on the right track. Mobile test automation is an exciting journey that will make a BIG difference for the quality of your mobile apps. But it is a true software project by itself that needs careful planning, dedication and some best practices to follow. This is what my talk is all about!

If you attend “Top Best Practices for Successful Mobile Test Automation“, you will learn:

  • How to set the right goals and expectations for your automation project
  • How to track success and ROI
  • How to automate your mobile automation
  • When to start automating mobile tests
  • What mobile tests to automate
  • Where to run mobile tests
  • How to build testability in your mobile app
  • How to quickly increase your mobile test coverage
  • How to best manage mobile flows in your test
  • How to leverage your functional tests in your performance tests

This is my current engagements for the begining of the year. If you hear of any other great software testing conferences to attend, let me know!

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