Join me at the Jenkins User Conference October 23rd 2013

jenkins Join me at the Jenkins User Conference October 23rd 2013

It’s been some VERY busy 6 months for me getting back to the United States but things are settling down nicely! So expect more updates from me on this blog! Aren’t you some lucky readers? icon smile Join me at the Jenkins User Conference October 23rd 2013

At SOASTA, we’ve always been big fan of CloudBees and this is why last year we had partnered with them to offer mobile developers and testers a way to continuously build and test mobile apps.

One of our goal is to compress the build-test-feedback process to a minimum. We want to provide developers a continuous feedback loop so they can assess the quality of their code as soon as they’re done writing it. Traditionally this feedback is given to them within days by traditional testing organization using outdated products. With Jenkins and TouchTest, we want them to give them this feedback in minutes while extending the scope of their tests.

Our plugin makes it easier for them to setup this feedback loop and adds new functionalities to build a more robust regression test environment.

  • Ability to play a composition, make the App Touchtestable automatically, Install App on device and capture screenshots.
  • Reboot iOS devices
  • This is a testing best practice that allow to run a set of tests under a “clean” state. After a while, a mobile device can become bloated and unstable. Being able to automatically reboot devices reduce the number of false-negatives and developers can spend time fixing real problems. This capability is unique on the market today for iOS (This capability comes free on Android)
  • Wake up iOS device
  • This functionality can be used to make the test environment more robust by waking up any iOS devices and put them in a “ready-to-test” state. A more robust test environment allows developers and testers to focus on more important activities ie. Building new tests!

Stockfish SVN Demo This Config Jenkins Join me at the Jenkins User Conference October 23rd 2013

You can learn how to get started with the plugin here.

Next week, I will be in Palo Alto at the Jenkins User Conference where I hope we can meet you so I can show you the great stuffs we’re cooking for developers. I especially want to demonstrate some end-to-end scenario I’ve been working on allowing to combine, via Jenkins, performance tests and functional tests of mobile apps. A lot of customers I’m working with want to understand the impact of back-end load on the performance of their mobile app front-end. Being able to do these type of tests continuously in order to find performance problems early in the development cycle, really help flush out the type of bottlenecks you don’t want to find when you run your 1M+ load test later on. The sooner you find these problems, the easier and cheaper it is to fix them! 

See you there!


mobileperformance Join me at the Jenkins User Conference October 23rd 2013




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