Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!

iwantyou Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!

I just realized it’s been more than 2 months without writing anything on my blog. Nope I didn’t take an extended break but been very busy with our mobile automation product CloudTest Mobile! And today I’m looking at getting you busy as well!

If you remember, back in February of this year, SOASTA introduced a brand new capability to CloudTest allowing developers and testers around the world to perform functional test automation for mobile devices. We also introduced our Early Adopter Program, allowing participants early access to new product features before the general release of the product. We received great feedback from our users and since then our engineering team has worked tirelessly to integrate this feedback into our product.

A couple of weeks ago, we were very excited to announce the latest major release of CloudTest Mobile which brings to market unprecedented features, allowing you to deliver even better quality mobile apps. As with our initial release, we’re opening up an Early Adopter Program dedicated to you developers and testers! Being part of this new program will allow you to:

  • Get a dedicated and self-service environment for your developers and testers to try out our product on one of your project
  • Get a direct relationship with our engineering team for support and discussion
  • Be the first to get the latest features directly available to you on your environment
  • Provide feedback and enhancement suggestions to our product management team (Hey that’s me! How cool is that!?)

Today, we are signing up participants currently developing and testing mobile apps for Android and iOS.

I’m very excited to manage this program and already involved with a lot of people testing some amazing apps! I would be delighted to get you onboard and give you access to a preferred environment for faster, more precise testing of your mobile app. If you’re interested, let’s have a chat and decide how to move forward. I’ll be glad to work directly with you or maybe point you to our free product CloudTest Lite which allow you to test your mobile apps against one device (either iOS or Android).

You can contact me at fberinger [at] (I’m getting a lot of spam lately! Replace thenameofmycompany by soasta. Duh icon smile Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development! )

What’s new in CloudTest Mobile

Additional support for Android, mobile web and iOS hybrid apps

ioslogo Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!androidlogo Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!


• In addition to iOS, precisely record and replay on all major mobile OS including Android Jelly Bean without rooting your device
• Integrate TouchTest Technology with your Android or hybrid apps faster with our enhanced integration utility
• Full support for mobile web apps
• Complete support for embedded UIWebView in your native Android or iOS app
• Execute your functional tests on any number of Android devices across different version of the OS

Expand the scope of your functional testing with screenshot validation

SOASTAimagevalidation Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!

• Add screenshot validation automatically for all your actions or specific actions during recording. Screenshots will be used as baseline for validation during the execution of your functional tests
• Use an existing screenshot from a test results as a new screenshot validation
• Add comparison tolerance to avoid false positive
• Mix and match screenshot validation with our powerful object-based validation methods

Monitor your device key performance metrics during the execution of your tests

soastamonitoring1 Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development! soastamonitoring2 Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!

• During test execution, get access to your device CPU, memory and battery utilization
• Understand the data consumption of your app in real time
• Compare performance measurement across any number of devices, carriers and location

New Object Locator

soastaobjectlocator11 Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!soastaobjectlocator2 Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!

• Our new object locator capability allows you to find and capture any object of your app during the recording of your test on a real device
• Use the identified objects for your validations, waits or outputs

New OpenGL support

opengl Get involved with SOASTA CloudTest Mobile Development!

• Full support for all OpenGL apps and games as well as all gaming framework based on OpenGL (such as Coco2D)
• Record and get access to any OpenGL variables and methods to create your tests

Access all variables from your application to build stronger tests

• New AppInternalValue method allows you to expose all variables and methods from your application code and use them inside your tests as validations, waits and outputs

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