Join the SOASTA TouchTest Movement next week!

touchtestwebinar Join the SOASTA TouchTest Movement next week!

It’s been 2 weeks now that we’ve announced TouchTest and the feedback is really amazing! I think we’re really on to something here. The Beta is going extremely well with great excitement from engineering team across the world really looking at making our platform the best solution for mobile test automation.

I’ve been demoing our technology at least 3 times a day for the past 2 weeks with my agenda filling quickly! So I thought I’d organize a TouchTest gathering for everyone involved into mobile apps development and testing in Europe and beyond!

During this webinar I will discuss and demonstrate the new CloudTest capabilities including:

  • Precision capture and playback of ALL continuous touch gestures including pan, pinch, zoom, and scroll on iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android mobile devices
  • Touch-based UI testing from INSIDE the app, replacing brittle optical recognition approaches, enabling validations based on variable values and internal app state changes
  • Control of test devices via IP address, eliminating the need for tethering, jailbreaking, or contracting with expensive 3rd party services
  • Private Device Clouds that support affordable testing with real devices in your lab or across the globe

Do you want to join the TouchTest Movement? Join me February 23rd 2012, 12pm-1pm GMT

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