Hola Barcelona! Meet SOASTA at the Mobile World Congress!

mwcBarcelona Hola Barcelona! Meet SOASTA at the Mobile World Congress!

I’m kicking off 2012 conference season with what should be one of the top conference I will have the opportunity to attend this year. The Mobile World Congress is THE place to be if you’re involved in the mobile world. The annual attendance is generally between 50,000 and 60,000 people! Theme for this year is perfect: Redefining Mobile.

As mobile takes more and more importance into the life of consumers and become a primary focus for Enterprise business, we at SOASTA are trying to stay ahead of the game and provide the best testing products to address this ever growing market. As you know, we’ve announced our new mobile test automation solution a couple of weeks ago and so far the feedback is INCREDIBLE! We’ve held our biggest webinar in our history for the occasion and we’re looking for a repeat 2 weeks from now at a convenient time for our European customers. I’ve been doing demo of our new technology all last week and it really opens up some very interesting discussions and open a realm of opportunity for developers and testers. The fact that we don’t rely neither on simulator/emulator or OCR makes complete sense for them. They’ve been abandoning these inappropriate approaches for a while now and are looking at investing into what looks to them the only way to properly test their apps. Being able to test INSIDE the app, record every single events, actions, gestures received by the application is very, very appealing. Being able to use validations they’re familiar with because they’re CloudTest users is also a definite plus. They’re also very excited about the concept of Private Device Cloud (and by its possible public extension!). As you know, when testing with TouchTest technology, your devices don’t have to be tethered. It means that I can run a test on a device located on the other side of the world for example. Now imagine, a company having 3000 employees and developing mobile apps. Before TouchTest, to validate your application on a broad number of devices, you had to either buy the actual hardware or rent some VERY expensive lab provided by third party relying on OCR. Wouldn’t it be nice to leverage my employee smartphones to run my tests? When you think about it, they all have different smartphones you app should support (whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.), they’re all connected to different carriers … They’re a very good representation of your market! Because TouchTest doesn’t require your devices to be tethered, you can tap into this pool to not only run functional tests on all of them but also capture performance information during execution! Oh, and you don’t have to mess up your employee’ smartphones because TouchTest doesn’t require jailbreaking. How about that for redefining mobile test automation? Definitely a game changer the industry was expecting.

What’s also very interesting to notice is that every single customer we talk to about mobile test automation, is also interested to hear about our solution for load and performance testing. Validating functionally the application running on an actual device is one thing. Making sure that the full ecosystem the application rely on, whether it is the customer’s backend/infrastructure or third-party, is probably as important in 2012. Being able to reproduce actual traffic whether it is coming from desktop’s browser or actual mobile devices is today a reality every customer wants to take advantage of. Having one platform covering the whole end-to-end test requirement is key to them.

My goal at the World Congress will be to discuss our new technology with application developers and testers to get their feedback and ideas. Meeting with companies to understand their challenges testing their apps and show them that they don’t have to go back to the dark ages (aka manual testing) to ensure the robustness of their deliverable. I also want to discuss with potential partners who wants to provide the best technology to customers and are willing to be part of the best ecosystem today for software testing. In the past few months, Correlsense, AppDynamics and OpTier have join our rank to provide the best services to customers and I’m confident I’ll have some great conversation with partner with a compatible DNA so we can strengthen our platform.

I will also formally meet a number of Spanish customers during a business breakfast and roundtable organized by our partner Testabil. There are still a few seats left so if you’re interested to participate, drop me a note at fberinger [at] SOASTA [dot] com! It would be great to meet you!

This is going to be an AWESOME week!

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