SOASTA TouchTest – The day after

SOASTATouchTest SOASTA TouchTest   The day after

Wow! What a week! We’ve announced our new AWESOME product TouchTest this Monday and things got crazy really quickly! I’ve been talking about it yesterday all day long with testers and potential customers, and the feedback is truly AMAZING! Then when I had finally some time to catch up with what was said about TouchTest, I ended up spending quite a bit of time reading everything that was being said about TouchTest. Check this out!

Fast Company: There’s an App for that App

When apps were simple, only accessed by users numbering in the hundred or thousand and not particularly critical (in terms of usage, whether it was business use or for more sensitive situations like in medical environments) then the way the interface worked wasn’t incredibly vital. But as the app economy grows up, people are relying on apps more and more to help them communicate, to run their businesses, to interact with customers, to diagnose medical conditions, and other much more significant uses. In these situations, having a precise and responsive UI is vital to helping the app work, or to keep and delight a customer, and so on.

Information Week: Cloud Platform Stress Tests Mobile Apps

Other companies have been providing similar software testing and management services for enterprises, notably Mercury and Rational Software. And the acquisition of these companies for significant sums in years past, by HP and IBM respectively, underscores the value of such services to businesses.

ReadWriteWeb: App Testing Catches Up With the New Era of Gesture-Based Input

This can all be done without tethering, rooting or jailbreaking a device. TouchTest controls the device through software and accesses them through their IP address. Basically, TouchTest is Internet driven. Organizations can build a “private device cloud” with devices inside their data centers or in remote locations. That means that the number of devices needed to perform large scale testing is greatly reduced.

TabTimes: Pinch, zoom, touch: CloudTest release gives devs insight into mobile app performance

Aberdeen Group analyst Jim Rapoza said a growing number of companies are looking for better tools to test mobile app performance.

The Droid Guy: Developer’s Soasta Offering Mobile App Performance And Functional Testing Solutions

Through a multi-track, almost Garage Band like interface, TouchTest is able to log every input function of an application, every gesture, every reaction, save it in tracks to compare and recall with other results. While in testing mode the user can watch the test results in real time or play them back and compare them.

This is really, really exciting for us at SOASTA. We really have the feeling that we’re changing the way people will test mobile apps and it is a FANTASTIC feeling.

I’ve been playing with TouchTest the past couple of days and I’ve promised you some additional demo of the product. So here it is! A test for a mobile application I call the “dancing squares”! icon smile SOASTA TouchTest   The day after

If you want to try TouchTest for yourself, please apply to our beta program! And if you want to learn more about the technology behind TouchTest, I’d recommend you join our webinar on January 26th!

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