Future UIs will bring challenges to Software Testing!

This video was taken at the TED conference in 2010 and presents the future of User Interfaces.  The presenter, John UnderKoffler, is the guy who built the technology behind “Minority Report” 10 years ago. You can find emerging application for these kind of UIs from logistics, Financial distribution, military, etc.
Today’s UIs rely on Basic Touch (button), multi-touch (several actions) or gesture based (swipe, pinch, etc). But soon we’ll see interface based on voice (Siri like), 3D navigation, bendable phones (Nokia) and hovering gestures (Seen in this awesome demo)

If you think about it for a minute, you can easily imagine what kind of challenges these new UIs will bring to testers. Today, we’re still in the stone age when it comes to automating the test of apps on our smartphones or tablets. Think fingers and eye balls with a strong dependency on emulator, simulator and optical recognition which is definitely not the way to do it! Heck I don’t want to update all my test cases when one of my UI elements move 4 pixels … This is both crazy and scary! Are you already involved in testing mobile apps? Are you already struggling with automation? Watch this video and start shouting for help! icon smile Future UIs will bring challenges to Software Testing!

A video well worth 15 minutes of your time.

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