What apps are in every developer toolkit?

This is an interesting survey done by bestvendor.com. They’ve interviewed 500 developers from companies of less than 100 people, asking them their choice of tools for their development environment. It’s interesting to notice that some categories are clearly dominated by one product: Eclipse is killing everyone else, MySQL is the obvious choice, Git has become in no time a strong leader … I’m very sad not to see any software testing tools/frameworks in this developer’s toolkit. icon sad What apps are in every developer toolkit? They seem more important than website analytics for developers … I would also have been interested to see the preferred choice for continuous integration … My guess would be Jenkins but you never know.

It would be interesting to see similar survey for testers! I can bet we would start seeing CloudTest Lite on such infographic. And you know what? I’m 100% confident we’ll see it appear as #1 in one category for 2012. I can’t say more but our development team is cooking something truly awesome … !

Click on the picture for the larger version.

developmenttoolkit What apps are in every developer toolkit?

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