Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite – Even my mum can do it!

cloudtestlitestarting Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite   Even my mum can do it!

Ok, the title is a bit misleading as my mum is technology challenged but I’m sure my sister could do it! icon smile Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite   Even my mum can do it! Seriously,  yesterday I was describing the CloudTest Lite installation process to a software tester as he was not used to receive an installation package as a virtual image. The first time I installed CloudTest Lite, I was not used to it either! And actually wondered if it was the right packaging option for such product. Yes, I questioned my own engineering team! Shame on me. And as always, they blew me away as I’ve never looked back.

I can’t today imagine installing this kind of product in any other way. Let me explain: This is a web based product so it needs an application server to run (JBoss), a web server (Apache) and a database to store the results (PostGreSQL). Do I really want to install all these individual components on my local machine? Probably not. Testing is all about finding bugs, not spending time installing and configuring a product. You don’t want to spend time understanding why your database is not starting, or why you can’t access your web server etc. You want to push a button, be done with it and start testing. That’s exactly with this idea that CloudTest Lite was packaged. We’ve included everything you need to start testing in less than 10 minutes in a virtual image. You don’t have to mess up your local environment or read a bunch of installation and configuration document.

You don’t believe me? Watch this video and if you’re still not convinced, go through the process yourself and get your own opinion! I’d be interested to hear your feedback!

5 thoughts on “Installing SOASTA CloudTest Lite – Even my mum can do it!

  1. Hi Fred,
    In this article you wrote that CT was using a “database to store the results (PostGreSQL)”. Do you know if it is possible to use that database to also store data and then use it in my testing (data driven testing)?


    • You can’t use it to store your own data, however CloudTest Lite is the perfect tool to run data driven testing. You can leverage CSV file as a starting point for example.

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