Busy times at SOASTA and loving it!

It’s been a really busy couple of months here at SOASTA! Our free product CloudTest Lite is rocking the software testing world right now. Literally. We’ve seen thousands of downloads and activations from all around the world (Yes, we load tested our registration infrastructure of course icon smile Busy times at SOASTA and loving it! ) We’re receiving awesome feedback from performance testing luminaries, validating our strategy and giving us advices. When you’ve got someone such as Scott Barber, one of the most prominent though leader in performance testing, recommending your product, you know you’re on to something!

scottbarbertweet Busy times at SOASTA and loving it!

Last month we’ve announced the support for functional testing. For the past 3 years, our (fantastic!) engineering team has been extending the Selenium framework and integrated these changes into CloudTest. Since day 1, they’ve been using … CloudTest to functionally test CloudTest, each and every day as part of their continuous integration! Pretty cool if you ask me. It was time for this innovation to be made available to the rest of the world and today we’re seeing more and more team replicating this model. Jenkins integration is a breeze! (you can integrate with any CI engine)

Now, when you’ve got a great product such as CloudTest Lite, you want to show it to as much people as possible, especially since it is FREE! We’ve been running 2 webinar a month where we’ve been delighted to invite a few testing experts such as Neil Gunther and Matt Heuser who gladly accepted to share with us and our community their expertise and stories. Dan Bartow, our VP or product management and evangelist has been rocking the States, participating to the STP Conference, StarWest and will be later this month in Boston for a Web Performance meetup! If you’re around, you don’t want to miss him! He’s regularly testing for the largest retailers in the world and he’s got some awesome stories and best practices to share!

In Europe, we’ve been running our first live webinar and last week we were at the first Velocity Europe in Berlin! I’ve had the opportunity to share with some web performance enthusiasts my web performance dirty little secrets … You know, the stuff you’ve done in your career you’re not particularly proud about icon smile Busy times at SOASTA and loving it! A way for me to explain why there are no valid reasons to lie anymore! Here are the slides for those interested:

The conference itself was out of this world! Probably the best conference I’ve had a chance to attend. All keynotes are worth watching but one really stand out for me and got me truly inspired. Jeff Veen CEO at TypeKit did an AWESOME job.

eurostar2011 Busy times at SOASTA and loving it!

Finally, I’m flying to Manchester this Sunday to join my colleagues for the biggest software testing conference in Europe: EuroStar! This is the first conference in Europe we’re officially sponsoring and we’re super pumped! If you’re an existing user of CloudTest Lite, we’ll have some new tricks to show you and if you’re still not using it, how about you take CloudTest for a spin? Either at our booth or at the Test Lab where we’ll have 10-12 laptops with access to CloudTest! We’ll have some surprise along the way so make sure you come by our booth … If you want to understand what the Cloud and our product can do for your web or mobile apps, you might be interested …

All in all, I’m having the best time of my life! Especially since I know what’s coming in 2012 … Trust me, it’s gonna make some big NOISE!

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