Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlin’s Pubs?

velocityeuropelarge Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs?

Speed, speed, speed. It’s probably the hottest topic in every R&D and operation team involved in web or mobile application. It’s the #1 principle for a successful web app, as stated by Fred Wilson during his talk at the annual future of web apps in 2010. There is not one day I don’t see a new best practice, a new service, a new initiative toward better web performance. At stake are millions of dollars of lost revenue due to slow performance or unreliability and everyone wants a piece of that pie. The whole space can be quite overwhelming for customers as it is very dynamic and decision toward the best web performance strategy can be a bit daunting.

You’ve got the monitoring company who wants to help you understand the performance of your apps and its underlying infrastructure and warn you when something gets wrong (usually it’s already too late, but that’s a different topic …). If you’re shopping for such solution it can be difficult task to find the right provider for your business as the ecosystem is crowded as you can verify for yourself by looking at the latest report from Gartner 

APMMagicQuadrant Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs?

Then you’ve got the web acceleration company, promising you to optimize your content on the fly for faster delivery. Company such as cotendo, cloudflare, Yotta, Strangeloops etc. and there are new company poping up every other day on the band wagon, company such as fasterize.

You’ve got all the CDN providers delivering your assets in the fastest way possible. A lot of players as well with not so obvious differentiation factor. Thanks to Aaron Peters and Sajal Kayan, it’s now a bit easier to compare thanks to their latest initiative CDN Planet.


cdn Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs?

You’ve got the independent evangelists such as Steve Souders who greatly contribute to the effort, delivering open source tools and making predictions about web performance like during last year web 2.0 expo.


You’ve got Amazon taking an interesting direction with their Silk Browser, leveraging the cloud to process the heady duty tasks typically performed by a typical browser and creating a limitless cache for all your need.

You’ve got people wondering if you should invest in web performance experts or rely on automation services. Stephen Thair thinks automation is the way to go.

And of course, you’ve got company such as SOASTA, helping company validate their performance optimization strategy. By creating realistic user traffic and providing real time analysis, we’re able to validate the choices they’ve made for their application and infrastructure (Code, app servers, DB, web servers etc) as well as everything the application rely on outside your firewall  ie. Load Balancers, CDNs, DNS, bandwidth etc.

The future of web performance is very exciting, dynamic and my guess is that we’ve seen nothing yet. It would be very cool to get all the performance experts in a room and get their view on the future of the industry … Nothing formal, no vendor BS, just a good discussion and … beer!! Something similar to the various web performance meetup organized all across the world .. New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London, San Francisco, Paris, Vienna, Atlanta, Austin and Israel  … The WPO chats are good but can’t replace face-to-face discussion and beer doesn’t work really well on Twitter.

What’s best than the biggest web performance conference, organized in the best country for beer? That’s the PERFECT COMBO!

velocityeurope1 Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs?

Velocity is coming for the first time in Europe this year! November 8th and 9th, in Berlin! The program is AWESOME and some of the most prominent web performance experts will be there! The perfect occasion for a #WPOBEERCHAT!

Andy DaviesJeroen Tjepkema, Aaron Peters, Mark Pors, Christian Requena are already in! Fantastic start for what could be a very fun evening. The event could be either on the Monday or Tuesday night to accommodate most people agenda. The place is unknown at this stage but I’m sure Christian can help us with that. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find a good beer place in Berlin icon smile Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs? (Andy and I are Lagavulin fan so we need to add this requirement as well …)

Comment on this post, send me an email (fred [at], DM me on Twitter … whatever works for you to be kept in the loop.

No, this is not an event sponsored by SOASTA but it might be worth begging for Tom Lounibos to pay a round or two icon smile Can We Find The Future of Web Performance in Berlins Pubs?

See you in Berlin!

The things you’ve got to do to drink a beer these days … 

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