Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

SOASTACloudTestLite Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

Before talking about why I’m so excited today, let me tell you a story. 18 months ago, as I was investigating SOASTA CloudTest for my own Software Testing organization, I had a chance to get a demo from Dan Bartow and a chat with Tom Lounibos about the product. Slavy Slavov who was heading our team in Sofia, Bulgaria was also part of the call. We were litteraly blown away by what we were seeing! My organization was using HP Loadrunner at the time (and you should know what I think about LoadRunner …) and CloudTest seemed way ahead of the competition: Leveraging public and private clouds, real-time analytics, a very innovative visual approach to test creation and execution etc. Slavy and myself were sold on first sight! Beside features and technical questions, I’ve asked the rather obvious question about an evaluation version of CloudTest, something my team could play around for a while before making any purchasing decision. Myself couldn’t wait to have a chance to play with it! Well, to my upmost disapointment there was no trial version available. Tom offered a proof-of-concept for whatever projects we were working on but the timing was too tight for us. We left it at that unfortunately …

Ever since I’ve joined SOASTA, I’ve pushed for us to be able to offer a way for all software testing teams in the world to be able to evaluate CloudTest. I’ve been talking to a lot of them, individual testers and partners, getting them excited about the product throught demo but I had a lot of frustration when I was not able to give them a toy to play with and start leveraging CloudTest.

The day has finally come and today SOASTA has released CloudTest Lite! And it is beyond my expectation! 

SoastaCloudTestLiteMainScreen Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

First thing first: Usually with Enterprise product, you get a time-trial version. Usually 30 days and then you’re stuck and you have to buy a full version. I’m much more in favor of a freemium model where you get the FULL product and you can pay a premium for additonal features or capacity. This is the model we’ve chosen with CloudTest Lite. Yes, you’ve read it right: When you download CloudTest Lite, you get the FULL product! The web-based patented UI, the real-time anaytics engine, The session template mechanism (much, much better than Loadrunner’s corelation), the visual test creation, Javascript based scripting (who wants to learn ANSI-C these days?) .. You get it all! You can install CloudTest Lite today and start using it in one of your project, indefinitely. No string attached.

If you want to go further with CloudTest (and when you quickly feel comfortable using it, trust me, you’ll want more!) you can purchase one of our traditional CloudTest editions:

  • CloudTest Standard
    • For internal load testing with thousands of virtual users.
  • CloudTest Professional¬†
    • For internal AND external load and performance testing leveraging private and public clouds as well as regular hardware.
    • Unlimited load.
  • CloudTest Enterprise
    • Fit for Center of Excellence with distributed team around the world.
  • CloudTest Mobile
    • for end-to-end mobile performance.
    • Powered by DeviceAnywhere.

analytics1 Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

You can also have SOASTA helps you out to take the tests you’ve created with CloudTest Lite to the next level. In a few hours we can take your scripts and run them on our Global Test Cloud at unlimited scale. A quick and affordable way to test externally and find these nasty problems (Loadbalancers, CDNs, Firewall, bandwidth … All the usual suspect which can only be discovered by testing externally and at scale) which can make your new marketing campaign or your big product launch, a real nightmare.

So what’s the catch?

  • You can ¬†run internal testing (from the lab, behind your firewall) from a single machine. All the load will be generated by this machine. As always a dedicated machine works best for performance testing.
  • You can monitor 2 servers within your infrastructure via the two conductors we provide. A conductor is also used for scenario recording (act as a proxy which capture all HTTP(s) traffic.)
  • You can run an unlimited number of tests but serially (no parallel testing)
  • Single user.
  • You need to have an internet connection when you play your scenario. This allow us to recognize your licence.
  • You can generate up to 100 virtual users.

CloudTest Lite comes as a VMWare Image which is super easy to install via VMware player on Windows and Linux or if (like me) you’re on Mac, you can use VMware Fusion or Parallels. I’ve installed CloudTest Lite under VMware Fusion and I was ready to test in about 3 minutes or so. It’s the first time I’m required to install a software testing product under a virtual machine. Frankly, I was not a big fan at first … because it was a first one for me. But you know what? I don’t want to go back to anything else! You have everything included in one image: The OS (Linux), the database (PostGre), the app server (JBoss) and the actual application. You open the image from your preferred virtual environment and you’re good to go in less than 3 minutes! Pretty cool if you ask me …

One of the intention of CloudTest Lite is really to democratize performance testing during any development project. One of the major problem with most traditional tools or service (LoadRunner or Gomez for instance) is their inability to help you FAST. The time to get any meaningful results is excruciating, whether because test creation is not fit to today’s application (LoadRunner is 20+ years old … so … Well … You know …), because you have to learn some “vintage” language for your scripting (ANSI C … Who wants to learn ANSI C these day when you can use a 21st century language such as JavaScript?) And because you’re left with offline analysis due to their inability to present you with real-time performance metrics. I won’t go the scale part as it wouldn’t be fair as CloudTest Lite doesn’t give you the ability to use the Cloud … But hey … It’s FREE!! And if you want to run your test at larger scale, you have plenty of option.

CloudTest has been used by more than 300 customers already and today marks a cornerstone for the product and our company. The day thousands of testers and developers are going to be able to discover what was all the buzz about CloudTest! and hopefully they will be as blown away as myself when I first played with it. They can start using it today on real projects and start testing continuously with an enterprise-class product!

You can find the download page here. Install it and start playing with it!

We’re also launching a new Performance Testing comunity website: CloudLink. This is an online resource designed to support our community: Our new CloudTest Lite users, partners and existing CloudTest customers. You’ll find a rich library of content for training and support (tutorials, videos etc.) inlucind access to performance management best practices and our methodology for performance testing from the lab through production. You’ll also find an online forum to discuss about CloudTest and performance testing … You’ll definitelty find me there regularly, hanging out to learn from all of you, the experts!

cloudlink Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

CloudTestVideos Software Testing Revolution with SOASTA CloudTest Lite

I can’t wait to start reading the first external feedback about the product. We’ve ran an Early Participants program in the US and in Europe and feedback has been FANTASTIC! I expect similar and constructive feedback in the next few weeks. This is only the begining of our journey and we need the help of our community to take the product further. We already have some ideas and direction for the future, but being able to have feedback and ideas from thousands of users is going to be an awesome experience! It will validate some of our ideas and probably uncover some new one!

Let me know what you think about the product either as a comment on this blog or discuss your experience on the CloudLink forum. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

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