SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe

help wanted SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe

Yes, the rumors are true. We’re expanding our performance engineering organization in Europe as a lot of companies need help to get their web and mobile applications ready for the traffic! 

The team you’ll join is probably the best team of performance engineers I’ve had the opportunity to work with in my career. It’s not often you work with people who have tested some of the largest website on the planet (Netflix, Intuit, Gilt Groupe) with volume you can only dream about (from 1000 virtual users up to the million with myspace), finding problems all across the application ecosystem (code, infrastructure, network, external third-parties etc.) 

The great thing about working in a startup is the fact that everyday is different. One day you could run some large scale test for a customer. The next day you’re working on pre-sales activities, discussing performance testing with a CTO or other performance engineers. You can be involved with the engineering group to help define the SOASTA CloudTest roadmap. You can have an opportunity to run a webinar for the whole world! If you’re looking to learn and grow your career, this is definitely the PLACE TO BE! 

Our performance engineers are the best in the world (Did I already say it? icon smile SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe ) They’ve been working previously with other load testing product such as LoadRunner, SilkPerformer or JMeter. They all have knowledge of object-oriented programming whether it’s C++ or Java and they have experience with JavaScript. They’ve been working with application server technologies (Java, .Net) and of course have a common understanding of n-tier application architecture. Since CloudTest supports all major web technology, they have to deal with HTTP, REST, Web Services, XML, etc.and of course since we find problems all over the place with CloudTest, they’re familiar with proxies, firewall, CDNs, DNS etc. THEY DO IT ALL! icon smile SOASTA is hiring the BEST performance engineers in Europe

But they’re not only all about technical skills! As previously mentioned, they have to interact regularly with customers and partners for demos, training or presentation of results, so they have to adapt their communication. We’re getting new customers every day so they have to manage their workload, deal with changing priorities etc. This is very fast-paced environment and this is why it is so AWESOME

I think you get the point: We’re looking for the BEST PERFORMANCE ENGINEERS IN EUROPE! We’re primarily looking for someone UK based, but we’re open to other location as well.

Do you think you have what it takes? Let’s have a chat! Drop me a note with your resume at fberinger[at]soasta[dot]com


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