Hot Software and Performance Testing Links – Week of April 11th

softwaretestinglinks1 Hot Software and Performance Testing Links   Week of April 11th

My good readings of the week!

Real World Performance and the stir trek web site
The site opened for registration a few weeks ago and sold out very quickly.  However, there were some issues with the web site that were troubling.  The site basically died under the load – obviously not a great first impression.  Fortunately the dev community is pretty awesome in Ohio, and after the initial spike in traffic when the “doors” opened for ticket sales, the site seemed to work fine.  However, there was the nagging fear that it would have similar issues on the day of the event, which would of course be bad.

Website downtime survival guive
Let’s be honest. Website downtime can infuriate us. And according to some, downtime can do much worse. It can affect user confidence, loyalty and ultimately eat into your bottom line. How can we dodge the fail whale? While we answer it, we might also engage in a bit of swashbuckling. Arrr!

TDD Doesn’t guarantee defect-free code
TDD, for example, does not remove the need for testing. We flesh out our algorithms and OO designs using – ideally – a minimum list of examples that describes the overall behaviour. once we’ve reached the example that leads us to the general solution, all nicely refactored on the inside, then as far as TDD is concerned we are done.

Vendor sues HP over Web testing software
A California software vendor is claiming that Hewlett-Packard officials evaluated its eValid website testing technology, then subsequently stole its intellectual property for use in a rival product released last year, according to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The HP booth staff (Goons) owe me an apology – Old post from @adamgoucher I’ve discovered this week
I’m pretty pissed that those two from the HP booth had the nerve to try to censor me. The proper thing they should have done is to ask to talk to me and see if they could try to address my concerns about their product. They’re not going to win me as a convert, but at least they would know what I was saying and the reasons for it. But instead they sent down the goon squad.

Testing for the Cloud
Making the rounds of test-related conferences this past year, I’ve noticed that—because our industry isn’t immune to hype—cloud computing and how to test it has started to be a talking point. One conference organizer came right out and said they wanted a couple of talks on the subject for their next event. And if it is a looked-for conference topic then you just know that mainstream testers are going to think they need to pay attention.

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