Innovation at Google

googleinnovation Innovation at Google

I’ve just finished watching Patrick Colepand QCon Keynote about innovation and thought I would share it with everyone interested by innovation. In 40 minutes you will learn about the first three principles of the eXtreme innovation approach based on the Pretotyping Manifesto: Innovators Beat Ideas, Pretotypes Beat Productypes, and Data Beats Opinion. Excellent keynote with some great and practical ideas! As always Patrick delivers!

The keynote video and slides can be found here.

AND this post gives me the opportunity to show you my last low-tech gadget: The Boogie Board. Can’t surf with it but it can grab some thoughts I might have during the day icon smile Innovation at Google Nah, it’s not an iPad. Heck, I can’t even connect this thing to my Mac! And this is why it is so special icon smile Innovation at Google And my kids can borrow it … Sometime.

idea Innovation at Google

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