A week in the Cloud ! EuroCloud + Innovation Cloud Summit. Let’s meet !

eurocloud A week in the Cloud ! EuroCloud + Innovation Cloud Summit. Lets meet !
Next week should be an interesting one! First, I’ll be at the “Etats Generaux du Cloud” which is the only French event dedicated to SaaS and Cloud Computing. Some interesting sessions around growing cloud business in France, financial aspect, new channels development fit for the Cloud etc. I will have the opportunity to see a keynote from Mr Eric Besson who is Minister of Industry, Energy and the Digital economy (under the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, Christine Lagarde). A couple of months, he’s launched some substantial initiative for the innovation in France ie. Tax Break and help from the government. Hopefully he’ll have some interesting news for us. I’m not too sure if he will covers his view on Net Neutrality as they are (for good reasons) controversial (he has called for an end to Net Neutrality, giving telecommunication operators the possibility to sell prioritized access to the network)

Then on Thursday and Friday, I’ll be with Tom Lounibos, CEO of SOASTA (My boss but more importantly someone who wants to revolutionize Software Testing! Nothing less ! Hell yeah!), at the Innovation Cloud Summit where we’ll have the opportunity to present SOASTA’s products and services to French CIOs, VARs, SIs who are interested to invest in Cloud Computing technologies. This is an excellent initiative organized by the Paris Region Economic Development Agency. Should be fun to meet up with people from these Startup as well! 

innovationcloudsummit A week in the Cloud ! EuroCloud + Innovation Cloud Summit. Lets meet !

These 2 events should keep me very busy but I’m always open to a good informal discussion in the evening! I’ll be staying downtown Paris so I’m very flexible. How about we meet after EuroCloud in the evening? Send me an email at fred[at]fredberinger[dot]com. Hope to see you there !

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