Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit

image Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit

Cloud Computing brings many promises to the Enterprise: Elasticity and scalability, lower costs, accessibility, agility etc. But these new virtual environments brings their load of challenges due to the almost infinite resources they make available:

  • Application architectures need to reinvent themselves to take advantage of the whole cloud computing ecosystem.
  • Data manipulation and aggregation is no longer limited by the amount of CPU power you have available but how do you handle such amount of data? Do we need new data models and algorithm?
  • How do we ensure application perform under these new environments? How do you monitor your performance when dealing with multi-vendors environments?
  • Do clouds meet customer expectation? What does it mean for SLAs?

End users and software vendors face these new challenges every day and there are not that many people in the world who have the right experience to bring some answers. Well, guess what? For the first time these experts are going to be put in the same room to discuss and hopefully get the whole industry some clear direction. Expert from Netflix (Adrian Cockroft), BitCurrent (Alistair Croll), Keynote (Donald Foss), enStratus (George Reese), Orchestratus (Shlomo Swidler) Rackspace, GoGrid, AppDynamics, Riverbed (Just bought some stocks! icon smile Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit ) etc. and of course Tom Lounibos CEO of SOASTA.

This is the first event dedicated to cloud performance and something you don’t want to miss if you’re serious about your investment in cloud computing. Performance is a key differentiator today and something you can’t ignore.

Check out these great topics of discussion:

  • The challenge of Cloud Performance
  • Architecture for high-performance utility computing
  • Testing and breaking clouds
  • How ready is the cloud? A look a real-world results
  • The state of cloud SLAs
  • Instrumentation applications when access goes away
  • Putting it all together: When big metrics mean big data
  • Tools and techniques for performance optimization
  • What users want – What vendors have

The only downside of the event? I won’t be there. I know. Tough. Especially for me … icon smile Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit I’ve already made plan to organize something similar next year during the Monte-Carlo grand-prix or the Cannes Festival … I’m sure I can attract quite a few of these experts icon wink Why you should join the Cloud Performance Summit

Don’t hesitate and join this event ! And while you’re at it, spend the following days at Cloud Connect !! More information about the Cloud Performance Summit.

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