– A year in review

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I’ve realized this week-end that my blog has celebrated its first birthday last month! Time really flies fast when you have a very busy and exciting life! I thought I would do a quick recap of this past year.

I’ve started this blog with no particular goal in mind except for the fact that I like to write some of my thoughts on paper as it helps me organize them and find the real substance behind them. It also help removing some of the noise associated with a busy life. It also forces me to dig a little bit more on subjects I’m interested in and which could be useful for my professional life. But most importantly, I just like to share whatever I’m interested in !  I didn’t set any particular volume target. If I feel like writing something and I have some time, I write it. I realize that I’ve written 52 articles so far which is a perfect 1 per week ! I’m actually really glad by this number as I’ve started a number of personal blog and this is the first time it sticks with motivation remaining well alive!

A lot of this blog is focused on Software Testing of course as this is my primary area of responsibility today. Some of my articles generated quite a bit of discussion with some people through email:

I’ve started to get really interested in new area of testing and software development as well:

  • Cloud testing is an area I’m pushing a lot within my team right now as it is the answer to a lot of challenges we’re facing with Performance Testing ie. Flexibility, scalability and cost. We’ve started to use Amazon EC2 for some of the products I’m responsible for. I’m particularly looking at what Soasta is doing in this area as they quietly emerge as the leader in this area as well. It might be a viable option to use for some of our high volume solution.
  • NoSQL is also something I’m particularly watching as it seems to emerge as a real alternative to conventional relational databases which can help us better manage Big Data and the increasing level of relationship between this data.
  • Crowdsource testing and crowdsourcing in general is something I’ve been focused on as well and something I want to develop within my organization. uTest is the market leader right now and I’m very impressed by their idea and how they’re starting to revolutionize the outsource model. The fact they’ve reached out to the software testing community is absolutely brilliant and useful for us all.

And of course, leadership is also something really close to me as I’m responsible for a 60+ people organization, there are always a lot to learn and experiment in this area:

Last but not the least, I had the privilege to attend GTAC this year and I had a blast ! I sure hope I can fly to India for the next one in October. It looks like James Whittaker is lobbying to join and present to really exciting Chrome extension !

A lot of my readers asked me through email why I wasn’t allowing comments for my post. The reason is very simple: I just don’t have time to deal with Spam. I’ve initially tried with some WordPress plugins but it didn’t work for me and I was flooded with Spam. Maybe I should try to revisit it this year as I would love to interact more with my readers.

Talking about readers, I’m glad because they come from a lot of countries !

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Regularly I get questions about the setup of my blog. Here are some details:

Blog is hosted at
It runs on WordPress 2.9.2
The template is a customized version of Arthemia V2
Advanced Twitter Widget to display my latest Tweet
All in One SEO Pack to get optimized referencing
Feedburner Widget to manage the RSS subscriptions
Google Analyticator to enable Google’s Analytics
Google XML Sitemaps to generate an optimized sitemap for google and search engines
SEO Friendly images to optimize the title of my image for search engines
Sociable to add automatically links to social website in each post
Theme test drive to preview new theme without making change to the actual theme
WordPress Database Backup to run weekly backup
WordPress Popular posts to display the most popular post for the month
WP Social Blog Roll to roll a fresh list of blog post from some of the people I follow
YARPP to return a list of related posts for each article

I’m looking forward a second really exciting year of blogging and interaction with a lot of Software Testing experts. This is such a smart and fun community !   A year in review