My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real-Time Web !

google My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !
This is still not an official information but the location and date for GTAC 2010 has leaked (and boy don’t we love leaks in Software Testing … Ok, that was easy …). The location had actually already leaked at the end of GTAC 2009 and I was sharing it with you during my GTAC 2009 field report. The confirmation has been given by Patrick Copeland himself as part of the GTAC group distribution list. The location will be Hyderabad, India and it looks like it will be held the week of October 25th ! With the large community of testers in India, I can’t think of a better place to hold this event !

GTAC 2006 and 2007 were focused on general test automation. GTAC 2008 theme was SaaS and last year the main topic was testing for the web. What would be the direction for GTAC 2010? I love games, and I have to play that one ! I think the main theme will be:


This is a general trend for 2010 and I think a lot of software testing team will have to be very creative to handle the real-time aspects of these new web application. I see a few type of application we’ll have to deal with:

Real-time collaboration

googlewave2 My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !

Every major vendor is coming up with its own real-time collaboration suite for the Enterprise
Google Wave
SAP StreamWork
Oracle Beehive
Microsoft Unified Communications
Novell Pulse
And these are only the major vendors. You have a lot of startup riding on that wave.

Real-time CRM

woopra My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !

This cover Real-time analytics, real-time data integration and real-time intelligence. That’s a big trend within the CRM space as well as in web analytics. There is more and more need to track your customer or website visitor behavior in real-time in order to make business decision rapidly, change your marketing/ad campaign on the spot, detect fraud etc.

Real-time search

twitter google apple event My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !

Obviously a really strong trend in 2010 with services from Google and Microsoft of course but also from smaller company such as Tweetme, oneriot, topsy, scoopler etc.

Real-time Social network

salesforcechatter My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !

Obviously Facebook is the major player here but you can expect a lot of competition in that space in 2010. Google has launched the hostility with Google Buzz. Who’s next? Expect also a lot of Enterprise solution such as Salesforce Chatter.

Real-Time location based application

foursquare My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !

This market is going to explode in 2010 with smarphones and GPS device getting smarter everyday. Foursquare is leading the way right now but there are many other application available. My bet is that real-time location based advertisement is going to explode as well … When you know that Google was awarded a patent for location-based advertising last month, it’s an easy bet to win !

So testing for the real-time web is my bet for GTAC 2010. I can easily see a few additional interesting topics to cover especially around cloud computing which is really hot as well. It would be good to get presentation from people doing testing from the cloud, what are the implications, benefits, challenges etc. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Lounibos on the stage to share with us the good stuff he’s doing with Soasta ! I had the opportunity to see a demo of their platform and it is really impressive !

I sure hope I’ll have an opportunity to join the party in October !

 My prediction for GTAC 2010: Real Time Web !