Oracle-Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version

oracle sun Oracle Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version

The European Commission has started to listen to Oracle argument for its planned acquisition of Sun Microsystems. All eyes will be on Sun’s MySQL business unit as the talk held last month ended up in an impasse as the EC is concerned that the acquisition will seriously reduce competition in the hot databases market. Oracle will be helped by customers such as Vodafone, The UK National Health Service, BBV etc. Against this merger, you can find Microsoft and SAP.

Interestingly enough, IBM seems to not care that much, according to Steve Mills, head of IBM software division who doesn’t consider MySQL as a competitor to Oracle (or IBM DB2). When you know that MySQL is the back-end behind Facebook and Youtube, you’re wondering about Mill’s comment:

It’s certainly not the most sophisticated database in the marketplace,” Mr Mills said. “It’s not used for sophisticated query and analysis things.

All Java developers wonder also about the fate of NetBeans and it is currently very difficult to predict. Personally, I’m optimistic in a short-term perspective. But longer term, I can’t see Oracle investing heavily on NetBeans when they’ve been pushing so much their JDevloper environment in the past and their Eclipse-based plug-ins. Could JavaFX save NetBeans as it is today the only IDE for building JavaFX application? More likely, they will add support for JavaFX into Eclipse … That is assuming JavaFX become a viable alternative to Ajax. That’s a lot of if …

Interestingly enough, Sun has just shipped the latest version of their key Java platform products: Java EE 6, GlassFish V3 and NetBeans 6.8.

Java EE 6 brings a new features called profiles that allows web application deployment scenarios with developing a custom stack. I see this as a generic stack for specific application scenarios you can extend. It gives you a starting point and speed up your deployment.

GlassFish V3 supports Java EE 6 profiles of course and improve its startup time and add monitoring capacibilities.

Finally, NetBeans 6.8 provides support to the latest Java EE 6 language features that simplify application creation such as pojo-like development, additional annotations and less XML configuration. Support to PHP 5.3 and the symfony framework is also included.

Hopefully a clear decision will be taken during these hearings. I’m part of a Software organization relying on some of Sun’s technology and the current turmoil makes it difficult to plan our technical roadmap.

 Oracle Sun hearing starts today while Sun ships new Java EE version