15 technology trends to watch for Enterprise 2.0

enterprise 20 15 technology trends to watch for Enterprise 2.0
Forrester, has just published a very interesting study about what they think are the 15 technology trends to follow in the future: The top 15 technology trends EA should watch. Although the term is not mentioned in the report, there is a lot of concepts related to Enterprise 2.0. This is an area of interest for me as I think it will transform (it already does) the way we work in the future. As someone managing a large organization, I need to watch closely this transformation before it happens to stay ahead of the game and benefits from it as early as possible.
The reports starts with a reminder of the 4 major waves of innovation (past and future) for the enterprise: mainframes, personal computers, Internet and networked computing.

FourthWaveOfIT 15 technology trends to watch for Enterprise 2.0

We’ve recently entered a pivotal era where our networked applications and other collaboration platforms becomes completely embedded into our work environment. Forrester refers to this era as “IT everywhere”.

The author of the study has identified 15 trends that will accompany this new wave of innovation.

Social Computing

I’m particularly interested in this area as we’re working in a distributed and agile environment (SCRUM). Everything aiming at reducing distance and bring people together gets my attention.

  • Collaboration platform will move from a model based on documents (Notes, Sharepoint) to a model based on individuals (such as SocialText or blueKiwi).
  • Customer community will be gradually integrated into business applications either to centralize exchange on different medium (ie. unified messaging system) or/and to allow collaboration across business (ie. Extraprise)
  • Telepresence will go one step beyond: HD video conferencing, virtual workspace etc.

enterprise20comics 15 technology trends to watch for Enterprise 2.0
Data and Analytics

I’m working for Decision Analytics so you can bet this is an area I’m watching closely. I’m especially keen to understand how data movement and exploitation can help with some of the service we provide (Credit Bureau Data, Marketing data etc.)

  • Real time information feeds and collaboration (enterprise microblogging for example)
  • Real time Business Intelligence: Discussion monitoring, Audience analysis etc.
  • Universal data model to facilitate their movement (feed) or exploitation (mashup).

Next generation of tools and software

  • SaaS integrated into critical business appplication (Financial application? That’s something I’m looking forward to)
  • Data on the cloud and PaaS to accelerate deployment and allow scalability on demand. If you follow this blog, you know that this is something I’ve been working on. I’m glad to let you know that we today use Amazon EC2 to complement our hardware environment. I’ll probably update you in a while with our findings.
  • Client virtualization to reduce cost and increase performance (or so they say …). I believe IBM is one of the first to explore this space commercially.


This is something I want to see going mainstream. I don’t think the challenge is around technology or sofware but more a shift in mentality. This is especially true in Europe where I don’t see a lot done to promote and allow remote work. Definitely a difference with the United States where this is fairly common.

  • Mobile version of business application and process. It’s not so much about replicating all functionality but to offer a functional degraded version.
  • Access to work environment from everywhere for everyone needing it. This “luxury” (It’s definitely a double edge sword …) shouldn’t be only offerred to executives.

There are additional trends but this article focus on Enterprise 2.0 direction. I wish I’ll be able to update this post with additional information. I’ve not been able to put my hand on the actual report. I do accept donation to buy the report ($500) icon smile 15 technology trends to watch for Enterprise 2.0

This article is largely inspired by a post from Fred Cavazza who is a well recognized French blogger writting about Enterprise 2.0. He has kindly accepted for me to adapt his original post.

 15 technology trends to watch for Enterprise 2.0