My favorite Software Testing blogs

blog My favorite Software Testing blogs
So much to learn, so little time … Between magazines, conferences, books and actual experience, there is plenty out there to learn about software testing and become a better professional. A lot in Software Testing can be self-taught if you have the right mind and the envy. It all goes back to the lifestyle of mind so close to James Marcus Bach and his concept of a Buccaneer-Scholar (Personal note to James: I finally ordered your latest book ! Expect a review soon !).

If you have a busy life, and who doesn’t, you want to make sure you allocate blocks of time in the week to read material you’ve been putting aside. I’m a big fan of blogs and RSS (Can’t live without Google Reader!) and I subscribe to a lot of Software Testing blogs. As I was cleaning out some of my subscription, I thought I would build a list of my favorite blogs and share it with the community. It doesn’t mean this list represents the best blogs out there but they are the best one for me. I do believe they’re a good starting point.

Here is the list ! For each blog I’ve also added a link to a specific article I really enjoyed in the past. I will regularly update this list with new favorites. For easy subscription to all these fine blogs, you can subscribe through this Google Reader bundle or download the OPML file.

Chris McMahon
Technical investment

Creative Chaos – Matthew Heusser
Cargo cult everything

Google testing blog
It’s not about writing tests, it’s about writing stories

I.M Testy – BJ Rollison
UI Automation out of control

Making good software – Alberto Gutierrez
5 tips to make good code reviews

Test obsessed – Elisabeth Hendrickson
The wordCount simulation official blog
Testing the limits

TestMechanics – Jitendra Kapoor
Becoming an indispensable tester

Test innovation and the future
Test Design Technique: Data Combination Tests

Collaborative Software Testing – Jonathan Kohl
Descriptive and prescriptive testing

Jake Brake
Software testing misunderstanding and disrespect

Improve your testing skills: Take a look at your kids !

Joseph Ours
Interviewing Testing individual

Michael Bolton
When do we stop a test

TesterTested – Pradeep Soundararajan
Traditional software testing process The cash cow demystified

ThinkingTester – Shrini Kulkarni
Tom DeMarcos confession

Agile Testing – Lisa Crispin
Using examples to drive development

James Bach
The Drunken gold rush