My favorite cheat sheets for Software Testing

dzone My favorite cheat sheets for Software Testing
I’m a big fan of dzone which is more than a great digg-like for the developers community. It’s another great tool to be used as part of your technical-watch toolbox whether you’re a developer or a tester.
They also offer a number of very useful cheat sheets on various technical subjects. It’s well-written, filled with useful tips and source code examples and best of all it’s free ! I’ve tried to compile those which I think could be useful for a software testers operating in an agile environment.

You can find all dzone cheat sheet here

DZone Refcardz #67: Getting Started with Selenium

Refcardz #28: JUnit and EasyMock

Refcardz #23: PHP

Refcard #29: Essential MySQL

Refcard #50: Scrum

Refcard #45: Agile Adoption – Decreasing Time to Market

Refcard #43: Scalability & High Availability

DZone Refcard #54: Agile Adoption – Reducing Cost