usability testing – Can the crowd help ?

button logo usability testing   Can the crowd help ?
It looks like the whole crowdsourced testing is really picking up steam ! While uTest covers pretty much everything you’d hope for, there are a number of players getting on some interesting niche. Usability testing for website is very often forgotten especially during audience ramp up. It’s usually difficult to find the right group of people which fit your target audience and get proper feedback.

You can use dedicated service company but it usually cost an arm and a leg. Providing a corwdsourced service definitely make sense, especially since the requirement for technical and testing skills is close to zero. provides this exact service at a very low cost. Customers define their target audience, how many users they want and what type of area they want the user to focus on. It looks like UserTesting has a good base of potential users of various demographics which get notified to test the site. The testing is recorded (mouse movement + voice) and the video plus a written report is made available.

From a tester perspective it looks like you get $10 per website which is actually a pretty good deal. Don’t  plan to get a full time job with this but it still could be an interesting testing experience !

I will watch them closely to see where they’re going !