Software testers and the nine forgettings

forget2 Software testers and the nine forgettings
I’ve attended the first day of SOFTEC 2009 in Kuala Lumpur and I had a chance to listen for the first time to Lee Copeland. One of his presentation was about the 9 things the software testing community tends to forget. He looks at each of these ‘forgettings’, the negative effects of each, how recognizing them can help us improve our testing, our organizations and ourselves. It’s definitely a good reminder for everyone involved in software testing !

His presentation was recorded but I’ve found the same one he gave in 2007 during STARWEST.

Lee Copeland is an internationally known consultant in the area of software testing with over thirty years experience as an information systems professional. He has held a number of technical and managerial positions with commercial and non-profit organizations in the areas of software development, testing, and process improvement. He has taught seminars and consulted extensively throughout the United States and internationally.As a consultant for Software Quality Engineering, Lee travels the world promoting effective software testing to his clients. In addition, he is the Program Chair for STAREAST and STARWEST, the world’s premier conferences on software testing.

The nine forgettings are:

  1. Forget our Beginnnings
  2. Forget to grow
  3. Forget to properly measure
  4. Forget to properly reward
  5. Forget the boundaries
  6. Forget the process context
  7. Forget the organizational context
  8. Forget to honor each other
  9. Forget our integrity

I definitely recommend this video ! Simple yet effective !

Slides can be found here