GTAC 2009 – Call for attendance

google1 GTAC 2009   Call for attendance
If you’re into test automation, you should know that the Google Automation Test Conference is held in Zürich this year. They formally opened the call for attendance today. You can submit a form to have a chance to be a GTAC 2009 attendee here. I sure hope I’ll be one of the lucky one ! I’m particularly interested by their roundtable discussion and I’ve made a few suggestion on topics I’m interested in. Topics around testing in the cloud, agile testing and building large testing organization in a downturn economy. Roundtable discussion are always a good opportunity to share knowledge, pick up a few good advices and of course meet new people ! I’ve had some very good discussion back in Kuala Lumpur during SOFTEC 09.

 GTAC 2009   Call for attendance