Cloud Testing – A growing trend !

cloudcomputing Cloud Testing   A growing trend !
While the Cloud platforms vendors (Amazon, IBM, Google, Rackspace etc.) are fighting to offer the cheapest and the most flexible environment for companies to use, we see some cloud testing services coming our way. After all James Whittaker did predict it, so it must be true icon smile Cloud Testing   A growing trend !

While cloud computing for business is still in its infancy and challenges still being worked on (security, lock-in, SLAs, regulatory compliance, privacy, data integrity etc.) a cloud platform offers some valuable advantage compare to a typical owned IT environment: on-demand access, scalability, elasticity and of course lower cost (you pay for what you use). For companies delivering online solutions to customers, it’s definitely a good option to validate the scalibity and behavior under stress of such solutions.

You now have access to this flexibile environment, wouldn’t be nice if you had everything ready to run your stress test on your website or web application? A few players have understand quickly the value to offer such service and are begining to get some good press.

I’ve done a quick round-up and it looks like soasta is the most advanced in cloud testing offering. From what I understand, they’ve built their own web stress testing application (wouldn’t be surprised to find Selenium in the backend somewhere …) which allows HTTP(s), browser and WDSL recording.

I’m a bit intriguided by their test design module where everything is done visually. I like it since it allows less technical people to create test sequence, manage your timing etc. without scripting, but I’m wondering if you still can access what’s behind if you need to perform some more clever operations.
They offer of course monitoring capability to monitor the 3 tiers of your architecture. Reporting is there as well.

I’m really impressed by their design (For a test tool, they really put a lot of effort in it. it is important in my mind if they want to convince key business decision makers). I’m wondering how this could fit into what we’re doing. They don’t give much details on how (and if) custom web applications (not web sites) can be installed in their environment, what type of back-end they support etc. and I could not find any pricing. I’ll try to learn a bit more about them in the coming weeks …

Here are some screenshots taken from their website:
ssRecord 700 Cloud Testing   A growing trend !
ssClipEditor 700 Cloud Testing   A growing trend !
ssCompEditor 700 Cloud Testing   A growing trend !
ssMonitor 700 Cloud Testing   A growing trend !
ssResultsViewer 700 Cloud Testing   A growing trend !

logo Cloud Testing   A growing trend ! is another player in this market. t looks like they took a more pragmatic and relatively cheap approach to get them going: Build a test management and test execution framework based on Selenium and WebDriver, build a grid of computers accessible to customers for them to distribute their recorded test and produce a report at the end of the run. Nothing really fancy but could be a good foundation for the future. It looks like they also offers resources to script the automation of your application which is definitely a plus. I’m wondering how this could be applied to business applications such as origination, collection etc. I guess they focus primarly on consumer websites. I’ll keep watching them to see where they’re going with their offering.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more test offerings coming in the cloud this year !